Feeling Cozy

After the sun and warm weather from vacation, I have come back to San Francisco where the weather is chilly, and the days are getting shorter.  Sitting at work, it really feels much later than it is right now and I am feeling the need to curl up in an overstuffed chair with a cozy sweater and a steaming cup of cocoa.

While I can’t be preparing for a long winter’s nap, and pad around my apartment in my slipper socks until after work, one of my favorite afternoon rituals is to make some tea, and read through my favorite blogs. It’s soothing, and even under the flourescent lights, its a lovely break that feels like meeting up with friends, and discussing anything and everything from party planning and DIY projects, to babies, to weddings, to travel, design, and art.

For wedding inspiration, and all things pretty, StyleMePretty is the ultimate.  The dresses and soires are so soft and romantic, I could easily get lost in this world of whimsy, flowers, and ruffles.


She is a native San Franciscan, but picked up her life – husband, kids, and career – and moved to Paris for a year.  She has guts, and is loaded with creativity as a party planner, and blogger extraordinaire.  Her blog OhHappyDay inspires me, both in design, creativity, and guts… I really just feel happy when I read her posts.

An ultimate New Yorker, she manages to stay hip as a mom, and honestly I just want to be her friend.  She is utterly cool, and blogs about family, motherhood, fashion, art and design.  Somewhere in the mix are weddings, and wisdom that applies to life, love, goals and being happy.  It’s sometimes therapeudic, and I want her life one day.

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