How Pinteresting – Week II!

Here we go my friends!  Here is a round-up of all my Top 10 faves from Pinterest for the last week!  The most inspiring, pretty, funny, or useful… let’s just call it, the best of the best!  Feel free to follow me if you can’t get enough ❤

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1. Lauren Conrad’s Two-Week Bikini Boot-camp
Sounds hard since it requires more than an ounce of discipline, but look how FABULOUS she looks!  It really goes to show what dedication to a regular workout routine and careful eating choices can do!  Definitely want to test out this two week Bootcamp!

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2. Chalkboard Serving Dish DIY

Originally from Wit and Whistle I am just LOVING how easy (and inexpensive) this one is – perfect for labeling cheeses, cookies and other little goodies!
Inexpensive serving dish + Chalkboard Paint = Awesome idea! 
(shop Ikea for some awesome inexpensive serving dishes – you can’t beat $5)

Chalkboard serving platter.  Love the idea!

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3. Peonies in the Bedroom
Do I really need to explain any more??  Best of all… they are in season!
peonies in the boudoir

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4. House Beautiful’s Chandelier in the Bathroom
This room was also featured in their magazine, but the entire home was one of my favorites in a long time.  Home owner Annie Brahler has a STUNNING chandelier adorning every room in her home, and I love her for it!  How dramatic are these dark chocolate walls with the white floors, claw foot tub, and blown glass chandelier??  It’s food for the eyes I tell you!
Such an Awesome Bathroom - thank you HB

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5. Bright Bud Vases
From a first look, these stand out to me as a cool DIY – simply glue down a graphic paper to a cheapo glass vase, but these are so much cooler than that!  What a great option for bringing some color into a room without a huge commitment.
bright patterned vases

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6. Turquoise and Yellow Statement Necklace
Is this not the perfect statement piece for summer?  Bright colors that go with so much!  If you are feeling bold, pair this with tangerine, or just wear it to spruce up a neutral outfit!

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7. Framed Chalkboard DIY
This idea struck me as being so cute and SO useful as soon as I saw it!  Can you imagine keeping this in the kitchen to write down shopping lists as soon as you run out of something?  Leave cute notes for your honey in the mornings? Doodle…  I have a few empty frames, and I think I know JUST what their purpose is going to be…
Chalkboard for kitchen!

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8. Wall Garden
Living in San Francisco, we have zero outside space (sad face) but for the lucky who do (my old apartment had a fabulous deck), this would be the ideal way to get some greenery around without taking up the square footage.  And succulents need so little maintenance… how perfect!!
vertical garden - cool idea for a compact outdoor area

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9. Homemade Oreos
Um…. such an easy recipe, and these look mouth watering.  If it weren’t for this dang “get healthy /lose weight for summer” nonsense, I’d be making these tonight!

Homemade Oreos

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10. Neon Yellow Skirt
It does not get hotter than this!  Short skirt, high neck lace.  So chic, and so flattering!  Must find full pleated skirt like this ASAP!

neon yellow

How Pinteresting!

As a fan of pretty things, I often turn to Pinterest for inspiration – whether it’s for fashion, home decor, recipes, or just pretty pictures – SO I’ve decided to start a series – How Pinteresting – to curate the things I’ve been finding most inspirational on Pinterest.

This week I’m all over the board with summer fashion inspiration, bold colors, and rustic home decor.
summer style
I’m loving this dress – not even the slightest clue where it’s from, but I love the drape, I love that it’s cut like a button down shirt (longer in the front, shorter on the sides), and I love that the fabric has a good weight.  It’s work appropriate, but can be dressed up for night with bold accessories.
Navy on the wall!! So rich!
One might think it’s the bright turquoise chest that I’m loving here, and while it is pretty fabulous on it’s own, what I’m really drawn to is the wall color.  A dark color is a brave choice, but with lots of white (bedding, art, matte, and lamp) it doesn’t give off a cave-like feeling.  Our bedroom doesn’t get much light, and if we weren’t renting, I would be painting this lovely navy on the walls this weekend!  I’m a little too lazy to try and cover that dark color back up when we move, so it’s a no-go for now, but I’m loving the look here!
B stole my look!
Holy load of accessories!  Multiple neckleaces, bangles, bracelets, and watches… Throw in a chained belt, and patterned cuffs on the jacket and that’s a whole lot going on.  I happen to love this – might not be able to pull it off, but am certainly going to try 🙂
Day Glo pleated skirt
Day-glo goes ladylike!  I am loving the tight pleats on this skirt, and the bright neon orange.  Or is it pink?  Is “neon coral” a color?  Whatever it is, I am loving it.  Definitely a weekend or evening look, to be worn with pared down accessories, and a neutral top / shoes.
colorful balloon love
Oh this photograph… It’s French, and there’s a big bunch of colorful balloons… what’s not to love?!
love this rustic table
From the nailhead trim on these chairs, to the raw wood table, I love everything about this dining room set-up!  We have a similarly styled pedestal table at home – an amazing find on Craigslist.  It’s currently painted black, and since it’s from the early 1900’s, the paint is REALLY chipping.  I call it shabby chic, but it’s definitely closer to “shabby” right now than “chic”.  This photo makes me want to sand it down to it’s original wood… so pretty!

Heaven is… An Oversized Soaking Tub

My home envy continues as I lust after these gorgeous bathrooms.  Our apartment is very “art deco”, which means that it was built in the 1930’s, and while I suppose it has it’s own charm (pink and maroon tile anyone??), the bathtub leaves a little something to be desired.  Scroll down and swoon over these amazing tubs.  A huge soaking tub is going on the bucket list for home ownership.  I mean, imagine coming home after a long day to soak in one of these babies with a glass of wine… amazing…

Gorgeous Chandelier over the soaking tub
House Beautiful
Obsessed with White
The Enchanted Home
bathrooms - glossy black moldings white soaking tub calcutta gold marble tiles floor walls polished nickel faucet orchid ivory silk roman shade
soaking tub
Maggie Designs

Master Bath traditional bathroom

Master Bath traditional bathroom

Heaven is… a HUGE Walk in Closet

I am officially in la la land today, daydreaming the day away – our bedroom is currently in shambles, my clothes residing in cardboard boxes while I refinish my armoire.  The closet is deep, so holds two full racks of clothes, but because one rack is directly behind the other, I can really only see half my wardrobe!  First world problems? Yes.  But, I’m allowed to be a little self indulgent as a girl who is literally living out of a box.  I would give my right arm for one of these dreamy dressing rooms where all my clothes were color categorized, all my bags on display, and all my shoes out in the open to admire.  As a visual person, I think this would be not only a total luxury, but totally useful!  I’d actually end up wearing more of my clothes that are currently hanging forgotten in the back of my closet on my “tier two” rack!  Maybe Kris is onto something with his hankerings to move to the suburbs…

Enjoy the dreamy gallery of walk-ins below!

Huntington Beach contemporary closet
Traditional Living traditional closet
The Modern Glam Project modern closet
Hacienda Chic Residence eclectic closet
The Modern Glam Project modern closet
Shabby Chic Your Heart Out traditional closet
closets  closet

Shoe Closet modern closet
modern closet design
Organizational Inspiration: Neat & Beautiful Closets | Apartment Therapy DC eclectic closet
eclectic closet design by

Blog Redesign

For quite some time I have become annoyed that my blog looked sort of sad.  I hated the logo even though I had originally spent hours experimenting during the first round of design.  It just looked grainy, and really boring.  I have this huge monitor so there was just a lot of white space that I didn’t particularly like, and after a few weeks of playing around with graphics on my computer, came up with a new fresh design!

What do you think??  I’m by no means a designer, but I am pretty proud of how it turned out!

Lately, I’ve been really into graphic prints, from throw pillows, to wallpaper, to fun dresses… I am sure in another few months I’ll be tired of the Greek Key print, or want to re-work the shading (wouldn’t it be fun to have the logo fade out?!) but for now, it’s a vast improvement from the previous scroll design.

Fashion Inspiration II: Full Skirts

Happy Thursday!  I’ve decided to continue on with my Fashion Inspiration Series to recreate some of the looks I am currently obsessed with from my earlier post this week.

A storm is brewing here in San Francisco, and as a mid-morning escape, I have found myself dreaming of flouncy, twirly, fun, feminine, full skirts.  The forecast says rain for the foreseeable future (next 10 days at least – eek!), however, on the plus side, this gives me some time to pull together some of my spring fashion inspirations and make them a reality.

Getting straight to it…



1.  Dress: Susannah, $700
2.  Earrings: Kate Spade Putting on the Ritz Stud Earrings, $98
3.  Handbag: Kate Spade, Emma Book Clutch $325.00
4.  Bangle: Kate Spade Spade Hinge Bangle, $88
5.  Ring: Kate Spade Year of Color December Ring, $78
6.  Shoes: Kate Spade Charm Bow Pump, $325

With wedding season coming up, I always wonder, what to wear.  While “they” say, you should never wear black to a wedding, I say, go for it!  Black is elegant, timeless, and in the right setting, it’s perfect for a wedding!  Also, splurging on a little black dress that is flattering, and fun will serve you time and time again.  Clearly, a little black dress is NOT something for a summertime beach or garden wedding, but it’s perfectly acceptable for a black tie, or elegant evening wedding.  Add some sparkle, some lady-like accessories, and you are set to party the night away in style.
Ok, is everyone ready for round two of this inspired full skirted look?!  Here we go!
1.  Dress: Kate Spade Striped Adette, $700
2.  Necklace: All Aboard Necklace, $248
3.  Bangles: Kate Spade
•  Hand in Hand Bangle, $58
•  Draw the Line Idiom Bangle, $38
•  Crème de la Crème Idiom Bangle, $48
4.  Handbag: Kate Spade Bow Valley Rosa, $425
5.  Shoes: Kate Spade Vanessa Wedge, $325

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for everything nautical.  If it has stripes, comes in navy and white, or involves an anchor of any kind, I am there!  Kris always laughs at me, becuase in my closet I keep my stripes together – wide stripes, thin stripes, 3/4 sleeves, sweaters, blouses, you name it.  I think a good nautical look is pulled together, timeless, and effortlessly chic.
The queen of the classic prep look is Kate Spade – she is kind of my personal idol, whose pieces I’ve always admired.  My real obsession with her started with the handbags, and quickly ballooned from there.  A pet peeve of mine is spending money for a piece you hope to own and wear for years, only to have it fall apart from poor craftsmanship.  From my experience, everything from Kate Spade is worth the cost – it’s all amazing quality that lasts and lasts.  
Because of my love for everything Kate Spade, this look was taken completely from her Spring line.  Those shoes!  The pop of color on the sole, the bright pink bag with the bow, and of course, that dress – amazing.  I can see myself brunching and lunching the spring and summer away in this dress.

Fashion Obsession to Reality: Coral Shorts

Ok – so after posting about my 2012 Fashion Obsessions last week, I have decided to start a series of posts where I recreate some of the looks I adore – aka, hunt down these outfits so I can make my obsession a reality.

With that said, let’s get on with it!



1.  Top: 1.Trouve, $88

2.  Clutch: Michael Kors, $495
3.  Necklace: Amara, $2500
4.  Watch: Michael Kors, $250
5.  Shoes: Brian Atwood, $800
6.  Shorts: Jcrew, $45

I have been literally obsessed with this cute spring / summer outfit – it’s laid-back, but still dressy, colorful, unique, and uses classic pieces that can be mixed up and used time and time again (white button down and shorts anyone?)

Of course, not all of these pieces will be a reality to my wardrobe, but it gets the creative juices flowing when going to the stores to find clothing that has the same look and feel.  Trust me, I’d love the Brian Atwood shoes, but maybe with a little patience spent in the stores, I might find something close to the amazing periwinkle and gold strappy platforms in the Inspiration!  The necklace – probably not in a million years, but Forever 21 is always a great bet for affordable accessories!

The cruel irony?  Winter has finally hit San Francisco, and the low tonight is somewhere in the low 40’s.  Brrrr.  Well, a girl can dream – one day, not TOO far in the distant future, I’ll be sashaying around town in my new coral shorts and relaxed silk shirt.  

Beauty Icon – Charlize Theron

I have always loved her, and stived to emulate her natural beauty and grace.  She is the girl next door coupled with a bit of mystery, which makes her so interesting to watch in film, and in life.  As a fellow blue eyed blonde, I’ve been working with the golds, rusts, and shimmery neutrals and aside from being easy, it really works.  Stunning!

More to come… her amazing vintage Dior gown from the golden globes…. AMAZING

2012 Fashion Obsessions

A new year, a new look – things at work have been a bit slow today, so I have been spending a bit of time contemplating my new must haves for this year.  My look is classic contemporary – a mix of classic pieces, spiced up with some fun new ideas.  For inspiration, I am always drawn to the ’50s and ’60s – the hip retro clothes are so amazing – full skirts that accentuate the waist, a great trench, bright colors, shift dresses, flowy fabrics, soft feminine silks, and of course a good blazer or trench NEVER goes out of style.

Most recently I have been experimenting with more flashy touches – red lipstick, big buns on top of your head, over-sized scarves, and statement necklaces.  I am really into gold jewelry right now, but still go back to my basics – striped shirts, skinny jeans and cigarette pants, and any leopard accessories I can get my hands on.

Here are the things I am most in love with for the remainder of winter and early spring:


How chic does she look?!  Effortless but pulled together – the red lips, oversize glasses, and big bun scream classic retro, but the scarf is very on trend.  Also – leopard can easily go from trendy to trashy, so look for a print with depth to the color, rich golds and browns, and variation to the size of the prints – monotone colors and prints end up looking cheap.


So flattering it will blow you away – full skirts nip in at the waist – at the NATURAL waist I might add – and flow out over the tummy and hips.  They can be ladylike like image #3, or hip like  image #2 or flirty like image #1 (love her shoes too!).  Pair with tights when it’s still cold out, and let your legs bring on the stares when it warms up!  So amazing – loving the ultra full skirts recently – a good pleat keeps them from getting bulky around your middle.


LOVE how its preppy, but still covered up – this is the perfect combination for brunch on a gorgeous day that might have a bit of a crisp bite to the air still!

Clearly I have summer on the mind, because this outfit is not going to fly in San Francisco in January.  I am loving the combo of casual and flowy, with the sky high heels and clutch.  My new thing is bright colors – even in the winter, and the periwinkle with coral is so fresh and lovely.  I makes me want to sit out on a patio on a warm day with a cold glass of sauvignon blanc.


This bun is SO over the top fabulous – its fancy and messy all at the same time.


 Military inspired styles always have clean lines, big brass buttons, and mix chic and pulled together simultaneously.  A good pea coat never goes out of style, and the cropped version or the skirted version are a little more unique and lady-like.  LOVE.


Sparkles draw attention, so be sure that whatever it is, fits impecabbly and is really flattering.  If your problem area is your mid-section, do not do form-fitting sparkles – not only is it an attention grabber, but sparkles can also make things appear larger than they are.  A safe bet for sparkles is footwear – everyone’s feet are petite, so if a lot of sparkle scares you, start there.  This look is definitely a date night / night out with the girls type look – NOT work appropriate, so sparkle with caution!


This is upscale, and utterly retro – be sure pants fit around the natural waist (at the tiniest part) to ensure no extra bulk.  Avoid pleats of any kind – flat front works on most body types.  This is very Jackie O, so pair it with a fitted sweater, or tucked in blouse.  Add some pearls if you are going for a more classic / timeless vibe, or funk it up with some modern statement jewelry.

So that’s it – these are my most recent obsessions.  As the spring collections go mainstream, I’m sure there will be more to add, but this should keep my credit card occupied in the meantime!