2012 Fashion Obsessions

A new year, a new look – things at work have been a bit slow today, so I have been spending a bit of time contemplating my new must haves for this year.  My look is classic contemporary – a mix of classic pieces, spiced up with some fun new ideas.  For inspiration, I am always drawn to the ’50s and ’60s – the hip retro clothes are so amazing – full skirts that accentuate the waist, a great trench, bright colors, shift dresses, flowy fabrics, soft feminine silks, and of course a good blazer or trench NEVER goes out of style.

Most recently I have been experimenting with more flashy touches – red lipstick, big buns on top of your head, over-sized scarves, and statement necklaces.  I am really into gold jewelry right now, but still go back to my basics – striped shirts, skinny jeans and cigarette pants, and any leopard accessories I can get my hands on.

Here are the things I am most in love with for the remainder of winter and early spring:


How chic does she look?!  Effortless but pulled together – the red lips, oversize glasses, and big bun scream classic retro, but the scarf is very on trend.  Also – leopard can easily go from trendy to trashy, so look for a print with depth to the color, rich golds and browns, and variation to the size of the prints – monotone colors and prints end up looking cheap.


So flattering it will blow you away – full skirts nip in at the waist – at the NATURAL waist I might add – and flow out over the tummy and hips.  They can be ladylike like image #3, or hip like  image #2 or flirty like image #1 (love her shoes too!).  Pair with tights when it’s still cold out, and let your legs bring on the stares when it warms up!  So amazing – loving the ultra full skirts recently – a good pleat keeps them from getting bulky around your middle.


LOVE how its preppy, but still covered up – this is the perfect combination for brunch on a gorgeous day that might have a bit of a crisp bite to the air still!

Clearly I have summer on the mind, because this outfit is not going to fly in San Francisco in January.  I am loving the combo of casual and flowy, with the sky high heels and clutch.  My new thing is bright colors – even in the winter, and the periwinkle with coral is so fresh and lovely.  I makes me want to sit out on a patio on a warm day with a cold glass of sauvignon blanc.


This bun is SO over the top fabulous – its fancy and messy all at the same time.


 Military inspired styles always have clean lines, big brass buttons, and mix chic and pulled together simultaneously.  A good pea coat never goes out of style, and the cropped version or the skirted version are a little more unique and lady-like.  LOVE.


Sparkles draw attention, so be sure that whatever it is, fits impecabbly and is really flattering.  If your problem area is your mid-section, do not do form-fitting sparkles – not only is it an attention grabber, but sparkles can also make things appear larger than they are.  A safe bet for sparkles is footwear – everyone’s feet are petite, so if a lot of sparkle scares you, start there.  This look is definitely a date night / night out with the girls type look – NOT work appropriate, so sparkle with caution!


This is upscale, and utterly retro – be sure pants fit around the natural waist (at the tiniest part) to ensure no extra bulk.  Avoid pleats of any kind – flat front works on most body types.  This is very Jackie O, so pair it with a fitted sweater, or tucked in blouse.  Add some pearls if you are going for a more classic / timeless vibe, or funk it up with some modern statement jewelry.

So that’s it – these are my most recent obsessions.  As the spring collections go mainstream, I’m sure there will be more to add, but this should keep my credit card occupied in the meantime!


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