How Pinteresting – Week VII

I’ve taken a brief hiatus from the How Pinteresting Series, but it’s about time to ressurect it! ¬†There are so many crafty, creative, and pretty things out there, I love that there is one place to discover and share them!!

Here are a few of my favorites from the last several weeks!

1. A cozy sweater to take you from cool summer nights to crisp fall daysNeon accents.

2. Carnations – my least favorite flower – go from being a cheap filler flower , to a statement centerpiece

3. The advent calendar has gotten an adult update – this is my kind of countdown until Christmas ūüôā
advent calendar haha
4. A floaty full skirt paired with a casual knit sweater… oh if only I had that skirt….
High waist skirt

5. Smores Bar – what a FUN idea for a party or wedding, and so easy! ¬†Here all they did was place a few can’s of sterno in some riverbed rock.
S'mores bar. It's just cans of sterno in pebbles.

6. The All Saints Aztec dress is my new¬†obsession. ¬†It is so fun, and is functional from spring through fall… now if only I had a spare $500 laying around…
AllSaints Aztec Dress
7. A healthy recipe for¬†Crock Pot Beef Carnitas… easy and delicious sounds right up my alley!!
Crock Pot Beef Carnitas Tacos

8. A re-purposed console table that I absolutely adore. ¬†It’s used here next to a bed as a nightstand, and has ample space for your bedtime reading material, a pretty lamp, and a huge vase of peonies!
I love when furniture is actually used and layered with items from everyday living

9. Dark walls… there is just something so rich and cozy about them – after painting the interior of the bookshelf in our dining room, I am craving more dark walls…
Dark wall

10. Glitter gradient manicure – fancy nails are so “of the moment” right now, but this more subtle take on nail art is right up my alley!
glitter gradient manicure

For other Pinterest-ing inspirations, click here for posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of this series.

How Pinteresting – Week V

I accidentally skipped my installments of “How Pinteresting” last week, so here we go with a round up of the most awesome things I’ve been wanting, and pinning, and pining after…

– — – — – — – — – —¬†– — – — – — – — – — — – — – — – — – — — – — – — – — – — — – — –

1. Ombre Frosting Cake
The ombre cake I made for my best friend Kira (inspiration found¬†here¬†and¬†here) was a total flop. ¬†My intentions were good, but the execution wasn’t my best (to put it nicely). ¬†I’ve since devised a few rules for making an ombre layered cake, however going after ombre frosting, instead of ombre cake layers looks WAY easier. ¬†Go¬†here¬†for a super awesome video tutorial! Now I just need someone to have a birthday (or even just a party) so I can test this out!
Stunning Ombre Cake from @Rosie Alyea With full video tutorial!

2. Black Walls and Animal Print
If someone told me that they were painting their walls black, I’d be scared for them. ¬†I’d imagine something really goth and depressing, but these walls are unbelieveable. ¬†It makes me want to paint our place black! ¬†This foyer looks like a swanky hotel with the marble lamps, huge gilded mirror, and the simple accessories. ¬†And let’s not forget the awesome zebra print¬†ottoman!
Black Walls

3. Neon Pink Party Dress
I saw¬†this dress¬†on Pinterest, and felt that I just had to have it… that was until I saw how much it cost. ¬†$320?? ¬†Yeah, not so much. ¬†Cost aside, I LOVE the day-glo pink, the layered skirt, and the sexy open back.
love this color!Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress - Pop Pink Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress - Pop Pink

4. Kissing Cockatoos Kate Spade Bangle
This is just too cute!  I love everything Kate Spade (the woman can do no wrong) and this bangle is fun and funky without being weird (in my opinion).
KS - Kissing Cockatoos

5. Gourmet Grilled Cheese
The recipe for the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich (isn’t the name fun to say) came straight from Tastespotting, and I am dying to try this out! ¬†It’s garlic-y, herby, and uses lots of leafy greens. ¬†For the full recipe with instructions, check out¬†
these are delicious.  pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, avocado grilled cheese

6. Leopard Print Blouse
Animal print seems loud, but in a smaller print, it is actually quite neutral Рthis blouse is the perfect example of how it should be done Рgold accessories (look at those bamboo shaped bangles) and a honey brown leather tote.
Love the print and accessorizing

7. Words to Live by
So true… my dad would love this saying ūüôā

8. Layered Sunburst Mirror
Layering these sunbursts takes this concept to the next level.  I would love this over a bed, or above a mantle.  Unfortunately, we already have a sunburst mirror on our hallway, so another in our small apartment would be definite overkill.
Layered sunburst mirror

9. Sexy One Piece
I am a big fan of the bikini, but this one-piece has me converted. ¬†its flattering, and hides a number of sins, but is still sexy (you should see the open back). ¬†What I really love, that I missed on ASOS site, is the fact that the edging of the bikini has a zig-zag pattern – like it was cut with pinking scissors. ¬†It’s all about the details!!
Betty Swimsuit. Neeed

How Pinteresting: Week IV

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. ¬†Even though I need to improve the number of projects I actually do, who doesn’t want to see a round up of Pinterest’s best of the best – the prettiest, coolest, and most inspirational pins from the past few weeks. ¬†I know I sure do!

Without further ado, let’s go!

– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —¬†– — – —
1. Black and White Graphic Painted Floors
La Dolce Vita¬†is responsible for posting this FABULOUS dining room, and while it takes a brave person to paint hardwood floors, these are absolutely amazing. ¬†Without the floors, the room would be nice¬†but the graphic design opens the room up, and take it from “nice” to “holy guacamole”!! ¬†Wouldn’t this be a great way to revamp some sad wood floors that needed to be re-finished (or worse, torn out?!) ¬†Time consuming, yes, but expensive? Not at all.
mary mcdonald

2. Chunky Statement Necklace from Shopbop
Shopbop¬†has this stylish necklace in stock, and while a bit out of my “on-a-budget” price range, I can’t help lusting after it. ¬†Dress up a plain tshirt, or wear it with a flirty dress for a night out. ¬†Something about it reminds me of¬†this necklace¬†Carrie wore on SATC…

Mirage Necklace

3. Prettiest Bedroom in the World?
Um… I think so! ¬†I had really loved dark wood for a long, looonngggg time (thus all the dark wood furniture currently in our apartment), but now I’m really loving distressed wood with the look of being reclaimed, or even antique. ¬†Wood with a greyish hue seems really organic and brings a peaceful feel to most rooms. ¬†Between the upholstered headboard, the weathered wood, and the fluffy white bedding, I am loving how this room looks!

Master Bedroom

4. Voluminous Blonde Hair
Leave it to Heidi Klum to make us hate her even more than we already did. ¬†I am pretty sure that this photo is the definition of a blonde bombshell. ¬†I am going in to get my hair re-blonded (we aren’t all natural blondes anymore) and am thinking that I might go after some side swept bangs. ¬†I’ve let mine grow out, and they are past my chin now, but this looks so cute on her – I think I could work the bangs again!

LOVE her hair

5. Marble Fret Coffee Table
This coffee table¬†from ZincDoor is as graphically interesting as the rug it sits on! ¬†The lattice pattern on the sides makes a huge visual impact, while the clean smooth top doesn’t take it too far. ¬†I love the table, but the price tag is a painful $4998… let’s be real, that equals WAY more than $5K with taxes, shipping, etc. ¬†To make myself feel better, I also tell myself that it would be way too busy (and big) for our modest apartment… but isn’t it pretty??

dying over this cocktail table... but not the price.

6. Asos Black Mesh Skirt
How adorable is this?! ¬†I’ve never ordered anything from Asos, but hear nothing but great things about their clothing – this skirt is just 35 Euros, and obviously comes with lining since it’s sheer! ¬†I am seriously considering placing an order, and will keep you posted when it comes!

Full Skirt In Mesh And Solid Stripe / ASOS

7. Trellis Linen Drumshade
Shades of Light¬†has his awesome drum shade in both a natural taupe and pale blue, and I love how simple it is. ¬†I still love a good glitzy chandelier, but for a more muted (and boyfriend friendly) look, the drum shade has really been growing on me. ¬†I’m not sure if $179 is a good price, but I love it anyway!

trellis linen drum shade

8. Slouchy Sweater
This girl’s glasses are all sorts of wrong with the rhinestones, but overall, this look is so cute and easy to wear. ¬†Even though its loose, the deep wide v-neck makes this ultra feminine, despite the ripped up jeans, and un-done hair. ¬†I have no clue where this sweater came from, but it’s going on my wishlist for summer, since San Francisco is never hot.

mint & gorgeous-ness.

9. Nailhead Chair
This Chair¬†is from Joss and Main – a site I’ve been hearing more and more about! ¬†It’s membership only (it’s free to register and join), and while I don’t know a ton about it yet, they have some really wonderful collections. ¬†From the number of blog posts I’ve written about my love of anything with a nailhead trim, it should come as no surprise that I am in love with this chair. ¬†It’s got great lines, the nailhead pulls out the details, and I think I could happily sink into this at the end of every day. ¬†If there were casters on the bottom, I think it would be PERFECT.

Evan Club Chair

10. Coral hi-low dress
A HUGE trend this spring and summer, hi-low dresses are everywhere. ¬†I’m not 100% sold on all of them, but in this floaty fabric, I think its really feminine and pretty. ¬†It also helps that the front isn’t super short – that can look sort of odd. ¬†I also love the double wrap belt – it makes a “long” dress more casual so you could wear it in the afternoon when it’s still light out. ¬†This would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner, wedding, or nice dinner out. ¬†Know what would really finish it for me?? ¬†Some sort of aqua¬†accessory¬†– coral and aqua are like¬†peanut¬†butter and jelly… it’s just so right together.

high low dress

How Pinteresting: Week III

Here we are… almost the end of another week! ¬†My cold is starting to get really awesome now (lovely hacking cough), but I’m feeling better now that the sore throat and achyness have passed!

The looonnnnggggg weekend is so close, I can almost taste it! ¬†Luckily, my agency is owned by a French holding company, and those Frenchies really know how to vacation. ¬†What does that mean for me? ¬†It means, that I get Monday off for Memorial day, along with tomorrow… just for good¬†measure!

Anyway, on the edge of a lovely long weekend, enjoy the best of Pinterest from this week

– — – — – — – —¬†– — – — – — – —¬†– — – — – — – —¬†– — – — – — – —¬†– — – — – — – —¬†– — – –

1. House Beautiful’s Mismatched Seating¬†
This room is actually fairly simple if you look closely, but the almost empty white walls allow that amazing chandelier to take center stage, and the mismatched chairs keep the feeling of the room casual, instead of super formal.  I looooveeeee.
Mismatched seating. Designer: Tracery Interiors. Photo: Jonny Valiant. #white #dining #chandelier

2. Recipe for Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Growing up, there was nothing I hated more than brussels sprouts, but now I LOVE them.  Boiled brussels sprouts are still god awful, but broiled with garlic, and dipped in flavorful aioli?? Yes please!  Check out the full recipe here.
Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Garlic Aioli.... I will be doing these tonight :-)

3. All White Wedding
I already posted on this wedding, but I am just still so in love with the all white brides maids dresses, I couldn’t resist. ¬†So pretty. ¬†So simple.
White on White on White - love

4. Neon Accessories
Not for those with uber traditional taste… also not for those who are shy. ¬†There will be no blending into the background in statement pieces like this! ¬†How fun for a girls night on the town, or a summer party.
neon accessories

5. Bold Striped Entryway
You might think that a small space + bold pattern = bad idea, but the black and white stripes draw the eye up, and make a narrow entryway feel spacious.  So fabulous and so French!
Block Print Stripe wallpaper by Farrow & Ball. Design: Hillary Thomas and Jeff Lincoln. Photo: Eric Piasecki. #entry #foyer #wallpaper #black_and_white #stripes

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait
Um…. how delicious does this look?! ¬†A simple little dessert that doesn’t look TOO bad for you… ¬†go¬†here¬†for the full recipe!
s'mores in a cup.

7. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim
I NEED this headboard!! ¬†I’ve seen so many from Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn, but $600 seems a bit steep once you factor in the fabric and shipping. ¬†I’ve toyed with the idea of making one myself, but the lines here seem a big out of my league, to put it nicely. ¬†I love the big empty wall behind it, and the rustic¬†chandelier¬†handing off center. ¬†I have no idea where this came from, but I want it so badly.
Little Green Notebook: Nailhead Trimmed Headboard

8. Cute Nautical Ensemble
Be careful with this one – high waisted shorts are NOT for everyone. ¬†While it looks adorable on this teeny tiny model, I’ll pass on the bottom half of this outfit, but the sheer aqua blouse would be so adorable this summer with a lower sitting pair of white shorts and gold accessories galore.

9. The Girliest Bedroom in the History of the World
If I thought I could talk Kris into pale pink walls with matching silk curtains, this would be my room in a heartbeat. ¬†I am fairly certain this is what heaven looks like, and don’t even get me started on that mirror… pure glamour all the way.

10. Stunning Halo Engagement Ring
Hummina Hummina… that engagement ring is TO DIE FOR. ¬†I think it’s set in platinum (thus the darker metal), and I’d prefer more shine with a white gold, but now I am just getting nit picky.
Well Helloooo there...

How Pinteresting – Week II!

Here we go my friends! ¬†Here is a round-up of all my¬†Top 10 faves from Pinterest¬†for the last week! ¬†The most inspiring, pretty, funny, or useful… let’s just call it, the best of the best! ¬†Feel free to follow me if you can’t get enough ‚̧

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

1. Lauren Conrad’s Two-Week Bikini¬†Boot-camp
Sounds hard since it requires more than an ounce of discipline, but look how FABULOUS she looks!  It really goes to show what dedication to a regular workout routine and careful eating choices can do!  Definitely want to test out this two week Bootcamp!

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

2. Chalkboard Serving Dish DIY

Originally from Wit and Whistle I am just LOVING how easy (and inexpensive) this one is Рperfect for labeling cheeses, cookies and other little goodies!
Inexpensive serving dish + Chalkboard Paint = Awesome idea! 
(shop¬†Ikea¬†for some awesome inexpensive serving dishes – you can’t beat $5)

Chalkboard serving platter.  Love the idea!

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

3. Peonies in the Bedroom
Do I really need to explain any more?? ¬†Best of all… they are in season!
peonies in the boudoir

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

4. House Beautiful’s Chandelier in the Bathroom
This room was also featured in their magazine, but the entire home was one of my favorites in a long time. ¬†Home owner Annie Brahler has a STUNNING chandelier adorning every room in her home, and I love her for it! ¬†How dramatic are these dark chocolate walls with the white floors, claw foot tub, and blown glass¬†chandelier?? ¬†It’s food for the eyes I tell you!
Such an Awesome Bathroom - thank you HB

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

5. Bright Bud Vases
From a first look, these stand out to me as a cool DIY Рsimply glue down a graphic paper to a cheapo glass vase, but these are so much cooler than that!  What a great option for bringing some color into a room without a huge commitment.
bright patterned vases

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

6. Turquoise and Yellow Statement Necklace
Is this not the perfect statement piece for summer?  Bright colors that go with so much!  If you are feeling bold, pair this with tangerine, or just wear it to spruce up a neutral outfit!

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

7. Framed Chalkboard DIY
This idea struck me as being so cute and SO useful as soon as I saw it! ¬†Can you imagine keeping this in the kitchen to write down shopping lists as soon as you run out of something? ¬†Leave cute notes for your honey in the mornings? Doodle… ¬†I have a few empty frames, and I think I know JUST what their purpose is going to be…
Chalkboard for kitchen!

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

8. Wall Garden
Living in San Francisco, we have zero outside space (sad face) but for the lucky who do (my old apartment had a fabulous deck), this would be the ideal way to get some greenery around without taking up the square footage. ¬†And¬†succulents¬†need so little¬†maintenance… how perfect!!
vertical garden - cool idea for a compact outdoor area

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–
9. Homemade Oreos
Um…. such an easy recipe, and these look mouth watering. ¬†If it weren’t for this dang “get healthy /lose weight for summer” nonsense, I’d be making these tonight!

Homemade Oreos

– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†– ¬†— ¬†–

10. Neon Yellow Skirt
It does not get hotter than this!  Short skirt, high neck lace.  So chic, and so flattering!  Must find full pleated skirt like this ASAP!

neon yellow

How Pinteresting!

As a fan of pretty things, I often turn to Pinterest for inspiration – whether it’s for fashion, home decor, recipes, or just pretty pictures – SO¬†I’ve decided to start a series – How Pinteresting – to curate the things I’ve been finding most inspirational on Pinterest.

This week I’m all over the board with summer fashion inspiration, bold colors, and rustic home decor.
summer style
I’m loving this dress – not even the slightest clue where it’s from, but I love the drape, I love that it’s cut like a button down shirt (longer in the front, shorter on the sides), and I love that the fabric has a good weight. ¬†It’s work appropriate, but can be dressed up for night with bold accessories.
Navy on the wall!! So rich!
One might think it’s the bright turquoise chest that I’m loving here, and while it is pretty fabulous on it’s own, what I’m really drawn to is the wall color. ¬†A dark color is a brave choice, but with lots of white (bedding, art, matte, and lamp) it doesn’t give off a cave-like feeling. ¬†Our bedroom doesn’t get much light, and if we weren’t renting, I would be painting this lovely navy on the walls this weekend! ¬†I’m a little too lazy to try and cover that dark color back up when we move, so it’s a no-go for now, but I’m loving the look here!
B stole my look!
Holy load of accessories! ¬†Multiple neckleaces, bangles, bracelets, and watches… Throw in a chained belt, and patterned cuffs on the jacket and that’s a whole lot going on. ¬†I happen to love this – might not be able to pull it off, but am¬†certainly¬†going to try ūüôā
Day Glo pleated skirt
Day-glo goes ladylike! ¬†I am loving the tight pleats on this skirt, and the bright neon orange. ¬†Or is it pink? ¬†Is “neon coral” a color? ¬†Whatever it is, I am loving it. ¬†Definitely a weekend or evening look, to be worn with pared down accessories, and a neutral top / shoes.
colorful balloon love
Oh this photograph… It’s French, and there’s a big bunch of colorful balloons… what’s not to love?!
love this rustic table
From the nailhead trim on these chairs, to the raw wood table, I love everything about this dining room set-up! ¬†We have a similarly styled pedestal table at home – an amazing find on Craigslist. ¬†It’s currently painted black, and since it’s from the early 1900’s, the paint is REALLY chipping. ¬†I call it shabby chic, but it’s definitely closer to “shabby” right now than “chic”. ¬†This photo makes me want to sand it down to it’s original wood… so pretty!