How Pinteresting – Week V

I accidentally skipped my installments of “How Pinteresting” last week, so here we go with a round up of the most awesome things I’ve been wanting, and pinning, and pining after…

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1. Ombre Frosting Cake
The ombre cake I made for my best friend Kira (inspiration found here and here) was a total flop.  My intentions were good, but the execution wasn’t my best (to put it nicely).  I’ve since devised a few rules for making an ombre layered cake, however going after ombre frosting, instead of ombre cake layers looks WAY easier.  Go here for a super awesome video tutorial! Now I just need someone to have a birthday (or even just a party) so I can test this out!
Stunning Ombre Cake from @Rosie Alyea With full video tutorial!

2. Black Walls and Animal Print
If someone told me that they were painting their walls black, I’d be scared for them.  I’d imagine something really goth and depressing, but these walls are unbelieveable.  It makes me want to paint our place black!  This foyer looks like a swanky hotel with the marble lamps, huge gilded mirror, and the simple accessories.  And let’s not forget the awesome zebra print ottoman!
Black Walls

3. Neon Pink Party Dress
I saw this dress on Pinterest, and felt that I just had to have it… that was until I saw how much it cost.  $320??  Yeah, not so much.  Cost aside, I LOVE the day-glo pink, the layered skirt, and the sexy open back.
love this color!Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress - Pop Pink Serena Bareback Sweetheart Dress - Pop Pink

4. Kissing Cockatoos Kate Spade Bangle
This is just too cute!  I love everything Kate Spade (the woman can do no wrong) and this bangle is fun and funky without being weird (in my opinion).
KS - Kissing Cockatoos

5. Gourmet Grilled Cheese
The recipe for the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich (isn’t the name fun to say) came straight from Tastespotting, and I am dying to try this out!  It’s garlic-y, herby, and uses lots of leafy greens.  For the full recipe with instructions, check out
these are delicious.  pesto, mozzarella, baby spinach, avocado grilled cheese

6. Leopard Print Blouse
Animal print seems loud, but in a smaller print, it is actually quite neutral – this blouse is the perfect example of how it should be done – gold accessories (look at those bamboo shaped bangles) and a honey brown leather tote.
Love the print and accessorizing

7. Words to Live by
So true… my dad would love this saying 🙂

8. Layered Sunburst Mirror
Layering these sunbursts takes this concept to the next level.  I would love this over a bed, or above a mantle.  Unfortunately, we already have a sunburst mirror on our hallway, so another in our small apartment would be definite overkill.
Layered sunburst mirror

9. Sexy One Piece
I am a big fan of the bikini, but this one-piece has me converted.  its flattering, and hides a number of sins, but is still sexy (you should see the open back).  What I really love, that I missed on ASOS site, is the fact that the edging of the bikini has a zig-zag pattern – like it was cut with pinking scissors.  It’s all about the details!!
Betty Swimsuit. Neeed

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