Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend!!  Yesterday, I took part of the day off work to do all the chores and errands that have been piling up, and I got to spend some time with my favorite little munchkin – Sofia.  She is my best friend’s niece, who is two years old (going on 22).

I swear, she thinks she’s calling the shots (which I love).  She laughs when we laugh (she does NOT want to be left out of a joke), she does “cheers” with her sippy cup (pretending she too has a glass of vino), and she refers to any other child (including older kids) as ‘baby’.  She is so funny, and I just love to squeeze her chubby legs, and kiss her sweet face.

Today I spent the day with friends in Golden Gate Park… in the fog (hello, summer… where did you go!?) for Oysterfest – despite the frizzy hair, it was a blast to hang out with some cold beverages, downing oysters, and delicious pulled pork sandwiches, and listening to a few bands.  Now I’m home with some wine and my honey… sweatpants have never felt better!

Have a happy weekend!

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