Dear Diary…

I’ve never been much on journal keeping.  It starts out with the best intentions – Dear diary, it’s New Year’s Day, and one of my resolutions this year is to keep a running journal.  This way I can document my life, and look back when I’m old and laugh at how funny/cool/carefree I was in my 20’s. I’m going to write in you every day….

First and last entry.  Every time.

One of my favorite bloggers of Little Green Notebook is crafty, and a total genious, and had the lovely idea for her kids to make notebooks for their teachers as a gift on the last day of school.  Theirs were adorable (handdrawn pictures of what they thought their teachers would be doing for their summer vacation) but I LOVED the one she made – using charpak markers, and a blender marker.  It looks like watercolors meets tie-die, and I’m convinced that with a cool notebook like this, I could successfully keep a diary… maybe.

The notebooks started out looking like this:

She taped them off like this (to keep the pages fresh and white):

Her kids’ notebooks ended up like this (so adorable):

But I just love the abstract, color wash effect of hers… might totally copy this idea

Check our her entry here!

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