Flokati Rug

I spotted a Flokati rug in a commercial for this local San Francisco furniture store, and it looked so soft, and luxe, I’ve since become a bit obsessed.  You are probably thinking, this crazy girl JUST got a new rug… and this is true, but I think that when we move into a larger space, I’d love to invest in a pretty, fluffy Flokati for the bedroom.

I see all the fluff and think how it might not stand up well to a high traffic area like a living room… but in a bedroom… that could be a match made in heaven.  Just picture it… it’s a cold morning, still dark out, and the alarm goes off… you get up and swing your legs of bed… imagine how amazing this rug would feel under your feet!  Like butter, I tell you!

A real Flokati rug could put you into some serious debt, but the amazing RugsUsa.com (I wish they had a different name) has the Standard Shag Greek Flokati Natural Rug for a sweet deal.  The 5’x7′ is ~$600 normally, but it’s 35% off right now.

Doesn’t it just look like a cloud with all the pale grey accents below?  And with the zebra skin??  So chic.  I wonder if this is a look I’d tire of, since I normally go for cleaner lines, and very classic pieces.  This is way more hippie dippie than I’d normally go, but looking at these photos where the rooms are based around classic furniture… Luckily we’ve got quite a few big ticket items already lined up, so this goes at the bottom of the list, but the Flokati… it’s on the radar for sure (plus it’s just so fun to say).

3 thoughts on “Flokati Rug

  1. Oh man, if only I could remember Alex! I posted this roughly 3 years ago 😦

    I know Jonathan Adler had a smaller flokati rug for a while, but I'm not sure if they have that anymore. I love HD Buttercup in SOMA, but since everything there is one of a kind, they always have different things every time you go in! Good luck! Let me know if you need help sourcing one. I'd be happy to help!


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