Knock Knock

Nope, this post is not about a terrible joke, but about my love of front doors.  Having lived in city apartments for the last five years, I’ve never had my own front door, but I dream all the time how I’d like it to look.

I actually think that front doors say a lot about who you are, and what to expect on the inside of your home.  Don’t they add a ton of personality to a building??

rustic doors Colourful Front Doors

I am LOVING the roughed up rustic doors with old bronze pulls, crooked slats, dings, cracks and character, but I also love a good colorful door.  It says, “this home is happy… come on in”!  (how fabulous is the pink door above??)

Rustic Doors
Colourful Front Doors
I love the yellow against the grey brick – it doesn’t need a lot of additional decor around it since it makes such a strong statement.
Red front door Rustic Doors
modern front doors

How awesome is this bubblegum pink door – with the white walls, and modern cacti, I picture the owners living their lives in the poolside cabana, cool cocktails in hand.

Rustic Teal Doors

This red door brightens up a dark stone stairway… it looks damp and cold, but I imagine a warm cozy living room with a steaming cup of tea waiting in there…

front doorsdoors front doors

Look at that iron scroll work on both of these – the doors on the left say “french bourgeois”, while the doors on the right say “hot Havana nights”, but both scream “fabulous.”

Red Door

A simple red door on a dark farmhouse – the lack of detail here is what makes the most impact.  My favorite part?  The old iron pull on the door.

Rustic blue doors
red door

I could go on and on forever… will someone make a coffee table book of JUST doorways??

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