Back to the Future

Has anyone else tried StumbleUpon?  For those of you who haven’t, it’s basically a service you download (for free), and when you press the “stumble button” your browser loads a new page of totally random, cool content.

This is how I discovered Irina Werning’s Photography – specifically her Back to the Future series.  Her work is odd (after browsing through the rest of her site), but this series is kind of genius, and I could not stop scrolling through the photos.  In this collection, she recreates a moment in time from the past – down to the location, lighting, and people who were originally in the photographs.  It is absolutely fascinating…

I took the liberty of naming a few of my favorites… I especially love Portrait Session 🙂

Hula Dancers

Prim and Proper


Never too young for Porno

First Day of School


Portrait Session

Late Night Bus Ride

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