Fashion Obsession to Reality: Coral Shorts

Ok – so after posting about my 2012 Fashion Obsessions last week, I have decided to start a series of posts where I recreate some of the looks I adore – aka, hunt down these outfits so I can make my obsession a reality.

With that said, let’s get on with it!



1.  Top: 1.Trouve, $88

2.  Clutch: Michael Kors, $495
3.  Necklace: Amara, $2500
4.  Watch: Michael Kors, $250
5.  Shoes: Brian Atwood, $800
6.  Shorts: Jcrew, $45

I have been literally obsessed with this cute spring / summer outfit – it’s laid-back, but still dressy, colorful, unique, and uses classic pieces that can be mixed up and used time and time again (white button down and shorts anyone?)

Of course, not all of these pieces will be a reality to my wardrobe, but it gets the creative juices flowing when going to the stores to find clothing that has the same look and feel.  Trust me, I’d love the Brian Atwood shoes, but maybe with a little patience spent in the stores, I might find something close to the amazing periwinkle and gold strappy platforms in the Inspiration!  The necklace – probably not in a million years, but Forever 21 is always a great bet for affordable accessories!

The cruel irony?  Winter has finally hit San Francisco, and the low tonight is somewhere in the low 40’s.  Brrrr.  Well, a girl can dream – one day, not TOO far in the distant future, I’ll be sashaying around town in my new coral shorts and relaxed silk shirt.  

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