Heaven is… An Oversized Soaking Tub

My home envy continues as I lust after these gorgeous bathrooms.  Our apartment is very “art deco”, which means that it was built in the 1930’s, and while I suppose it has it’s own charm (pink and maroon tile anyone??), the bathtub leaves a little something to be desired.  Scroll down and swoon over these amazing tubs.  A huge soaking tub is going on the bucket list for home ownership.  I mean, imagine coming home after a long day to soak in one of these babies with a glass of wine… amazing…

Gorgeous Chandelier over the soaking tub
House Beautiful
Obsessed with White
The Enchanted Home
bathrooms - glossy black moldings white soaking tub calcutta gold marble tiles floor walls polished nickel faucet orchid ivory silk roman shade
soaking tub
Maggie Designs

Master Bath traditional bathroom

Master Bath traditional bathroom

Indoor / Outdoor Living

I’m not sure if it’s the chilly weather, or if I’ve been feeling cooped up in our small cozy apartment, but lately, I’ve found myself day-dreaming about gorgeous indoor / outdoor living spaces.  I envision sitting out late drinking wine and chatting by the fire, cookouts, warm nights, and fuzzy fleece blankets for when summer turns to fall.

I love our little life in San Francisco, but look at these gorgeous spaces.  I am definitely making a mental note for when Kris and I do buy a house and settle down in the suburbs.  How amazing are some of these?!

Olive Mill mediterranean patio
Prideaux Design eclectic patio
Morro Bay Breezeway modern patio
Modern Perch tropical patio
Corbett Lighting mediterranean patio
AMS Landscape Design Studios mediterranean patio

All Photos Courtesy of Houzz.com

My Happy Place

Photo courtesy of Cozamia

I am a pretty upbeat person, but for whatever reason, this week has been tough.  I mean, TOUGH.

Have you ever heard people say, picture your happy place?  Well, I am going to put that to the test, and fingers crossed, it will work.  I love warm weather, beaches, tropical drinks, and sun kissed skin, so this is pretty much my happy place.  Not even sure where it is – let’s pretend some fabulous beach in the Mediterranean!  I will go here someday…

Picturing myself there right…….. now.

San Francisco Bucket List: Boating on Stow Lake

I’ve decided to try out a new series – creating a bucket list for the amazing city I live in!!
Both my parents were born and raised in San Francisco, and having grown up in the Bay Area, and having lived IN the city for the past 4 years, I’ve decided to make a bucket list of all the cool things I want to do in this city, so I can take full advantage of everything that is right at my fingertips!
At the top of this list is renting a row boat out on Stow Lake.  
I recently was wandering through Golden Gate Park with my best friend Kira, and we stumbled upon Stow Lake!!  It was breathtaking!  I had no idea, that this lake even existed in the middle of the city!!   How romantic!  
Rentals were relatively inexpensive, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy a warm day in San Francisco than packing a picnic, renting a boat, and paddling around all afternoon.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: NEED, not want


One of my more recent obsessions revolves around getting a puppy.  Not yet any puppy, a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Oh my god, honey, look at that dog!!  Soo cute!!”
Kris: “Yeah, it’s cute”
Me: “Oh my gosh, I NEED that dog in my life – can you imagine how much fun we’d have taking it on long walks, teaching it tricks, and snuggling with it on the couch?”
Kris: “Pretty cute. I’m hungry, where do you want to eat?”
Me: “No but really, I feel like our lives would be so complete with a dog.  And my office is dog friendly – I could bring it to work so it wouldn’t be home alone!”
Kris: “A dog is a huge responsibility outside of the obvious fact that our building doesn’t allow dogs”
Me: “That is such a minor detail – our landlord loves me”

And so on… and so on…

I mean, LOOK that that little face!  What a muffin!!  I will slowly but surely wear Kris down… if only I can get our names on a few waiting lists, he will cave!

City of Love

Why I have been obsessed with Paris lately is sort of beyond me – I think it’s a sign since I keep running into it everywhere!

Today I found this fabulous photographer on Etsy who has taken some absolutely stunning shots of the city in all it’s magnificence.  I especially love her heart series, where her lens captures light in the form of tiny hearts – so adorable.

I am ordering these for my office ASAP, and perhaps a second set for our bedroom!  How sweet it is…

Check out the rest of her fabulous gallery here!  I swear, you will get lost in these dreamy photos!!

Feeling Lucky

The Yi Peng Festival occurs every year in Lanna (northern Thailand), where thousands of lanterns are lit and released into the sky to symbolize good luck, new beginnings, and quite literally, your problems and worries floating away from you into the night sky.  I find the idea of this so romantic, and would do anything to witness this festival in real life.  Can you imagine how lovely this would be – very surreal like a glowing dream land.

I actually think that this would be a really beautiful and symbolic thing to do at a wedding – for the couple to light a lantern together, and release it into the night.  It would also be very cool for the guests to also light lanterns and release them with well wishes for the happy couple.

Enjoy some more breathtaking shots of this festival of hope:

Paradise Found

Kris and I just got back from a much anticipated vacation, and after a much heated debate… we settled on Hawaii.  This is not to say that I did not want to go, or that I was against it.  I actually was gunning for it because from California, it’s a 5 hour flight (not long in the scheme of things) and it was just easy.  No Mexican kidnappings to worry about… no Costa Rican drug charges to fret over.

Not only did I like Hawaii…. I LOVED it.  Honestly, I have nothing but great things to say about it.

More to come with a normal night’s sleep……