San Francisco Bucket List: Boating on Stow Lake

I’ve decided to try out a new series – creating a bucket list for the amazing city I live in!!
Both my parents were born and raised in San Francisco, and having grown up in the Bay Area, and having lived IN the city for the past 4 years, I’ve decided to make a bucket list of all the cool things I want to do in this city, so I can take full advantage of everything that is right at my fingertips!
At the top of this list is renting a row boat out on Stow Lake.  
I recently was wandering through Golden Gate Park with my best friend Kira, and we stumbled upon Stow Lake!!  It was breathtaking!  I had no idea, that this lake even existed in the middle of the city!!   How romantic!  
Rentals were relatively inexpensive, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy a warm day in San Francisco than packing a picnic, renting a boat, and paddling around all afternoon.

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