Winter in San Francisco is Lovely

This winter has been one of the mildest winters I can remember – the weather has been so incredibly beautiful, its hard to remember what bad weather is like (ask me in June, I will be singing a different tune).

This weekend was no exception to the gorgeous weather!  I spent most of my time outside, lunching with friends, and hanging out at the park.  Sunday, Kris and I headed to the beach, and I sunned myself in the sunny 70 degree weather, while he and some buddies surfed.  I snagged his fancy-pants camera, and was able to get some amazing pictures of him surfing.  Unfortunately, I have not yet uploaded them – professional shots to come, but just look at how lucky we are to live in California.

To my friends on the east coast, be jealous… be very very jealous!

Kris, very seriously prepping his gear (he would NOT smile for a picture! Too cool for school)

How cute is he?!

Me… snuggled in Kris’ hoodie once the afternoon wind kicked up

The three stooges… prepared to shred, ha!

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