Macaroons make Monday’s Better

A fun treat arrived to my office this morning!  Gorgeous French Macaroons from L’Artisan Macaroon.  They are very hard to find, and these one’s in particular actually came from one of my favorite bakeries in the world – Bouchon, a Thomas Keller bakery in Yountville California.

If you ask me, Yountville is the most adorable town in the world, located between Napa and St. Helena – its a foodie haven set against the most stunning wine country backdrop.  If you’ve never been, please go, rent bikes, get lost on windy vinyard roads, go wine tasting, eat a Michael Chiarello’s restaurant or if you are feeling splurg-y, French Laundry (another Thomas Keller hot-spot that is on my bucket list for sure), and soak in everything lovely about the wine country.

Anyways, I digress.  These perfect french macaroons are such a treat – SO colorful, and as delicious as they are beautiful.

Happy Monday!

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