Fashion Obsession to Reality: Leopard Print Scarf

So it’s been a while since this series, since I’ve been so consumed with our apartment, but don’t think I fogot about my Spring fashion obsessions.  This was the first look that really consumed me since it’s the most practical for the cool San Francisco weather. Now if only I could look so effortlessly chic in 20 minutes…



Here it is – an ultra glam shot taken by my iPhone on my friend’s bed post shopping bonanza.

Zara Leopard Scarf Photograph
And here it is on the model… adorable! (and can I say, I am in LOVE with her studded gloves).  It’s only $20 from Zara!  It’s made of really thin cotton, which is perfect since It’s a very large scarf – it drapes beautifully so its over-sized without the bulk!  Tres affordable!

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