Paris Vacation: Outfit Inspiration

Kris and I have been toying with the idea of various vacations this year – on the table is Bali, Thailand, or Paris (right out of left field in comparison to the other two, right??)  For whatever reason, this year I have been totally romanced by the idea of eating cheese, drinking wine, getting lost in the Parisian streets, and sitting out late at a cafe in the warm summertime air (those that know me, know that my idea of a vacation entails a suitcase of bikinis, a beach, and many MANY pina coladas – thus, my daydreams of Paris are a total 180 for me).

While we continue to debate the options, I continue to daydream about our hypothetical trip to Paris.  Half of the excitement for me is imagining where will we go, what will we do, and most importantly, what I will wear!  When I think of Paris, I think of black and white, Audrey Hepburn, stripes galore, cute little flats and kitten heels, classic silhouettes, and feminine details – full skirts, peplum, accented waistlines, fresh colors, and impeccable tailoring.  No bohemian maxi dresses here!  No abstract prints or floaty tops… and nothing TOO trendy.  Here are a handful of looks I’ve put together for a jaunt in Paris!

Taking Paris’ Nightlife by stormParis Dresses
Print dress, $1,982
Tokyo Milk beauty product, $11

The evening calls for black, anything elegant, and something with a little mystery.  I’m envisioning the scene with pressed white table tops, candles, fairly lights, and fancy french food.  I’m thinking of twirling in a plaza to a small ensemble playing La Vie en Rose.  I’m thinking of sitting atop a wall at the Jardins de Trocadero and watching the Eiffel Tower glitter at night… moonlit strolls along the Siene, and lingering kisses in quiet alleyways.

     Picnicking Alfresco – in front of le Tour Eiffel Perhaps
Paris Outfits - Picnic Day
H&m pants, £25

With warm summer days, I imagine that there will be plenty of picnics on the lawns in front of the Eiffel Tower.  A bottle of rose, a large picnic blanket, and a wide assortment of meats, cheeses, fresh baguettes should keep us plenty occupied.  I’ll want something light with the heat, and practical for sitting on the ground.  Full skirts and cropped pants in summery colors will fit the bill here.

Sightseeing and Cafe Hopping
Paris Outfits - wandering the city

Alexander McQueen lace top, $2,115
Alexander McQueen sheer blouse, $995
Floral print shirt, $71
Wallis short sleeve shirt, $35
Lipsy top, £32
Old navy tank top, $23
Hanes tank top, $4
Roksanda Ilincic full skirt, $830
Etro wide leg pants, $710
Balenciaga high waisted shorts, $498
Sandro mini skirt, $195
Silk skirt, €139
Coast black pencil skirt, £80
Monsoon pleated skirt, £42
Vila high waisted pants, £30
Miu Miu high heels, $630
Butter leather sandals, $268
Oasis flat sandals, $35

Wandering the city streets, cafes, and museums, I’ll want some combination of fashion and function. Low heels or sweet flats will keep my feet happy, while florals, wide leg trousers, and short skirts will keep the look dressy.  No running shoes and fanny packs here my friends!

Dreamy Photography: Paris

Paris Photograph, Laduree Shop Sign, Macarons, Mint, Pistachio, Green, Pastel, Romantic, Feminine - Sugar, Sugar
Photos courtesy of Eye Poetry Photography
While I am still 100% in love with the Paris prints I ordered from Etsy, I am re-thinking these prints for the bedroom.  I truely believe that the bedroom should be a sanctuary that prepares you for sleep – keep TV to a minimal, maintain soft colors etc. While these prints are not “loud” and I am not shrouding the room in red, I worry that these pops of bright color will derail the soothing vibe I want to keep.

I mentioned before that the rest of the house stays within taupes, tans, greys, and blues… and one of my favorite photographers (in fact the very one who snapped the “red” portraits of Paris) has added to her gallery, and there are some dreamy photos with blue’s and soft colors, soft focus lenses, and its all dreamy loveliness.  So pretty.  I think they are keepers, and I think my bedroom vision is about to change!
Folie - Paris Photograph, Versailles Detail, Romantic, Feminine, Robins Egg Blue, Gold, Home Decor

Le Petit Zinc - Paris Photograph, St Germain Des Pres, Cafe, Bistro, Chairs, Home Decor, Fine Art Print

Rococo - Versailles Door, Paris Photograph, Pastel, Shabby Chic, Romantic, Feminine, Baroque, Renaissance, Baby Blue, Spring Home Decor

Chandelier photograph, Paris - The Secret History -  Versailles, Hall of Mirrors, France, French Style, Glamour

Speaking of Paris… city of lights… Kris and I watched Midnight in Paris this weekend.  While I enjoyed it, I wasn’t in love with the plot, however, it made me want to go to Paris so bad, it hurts!  Kris and I have been talking about planning our vacation this year, and I think Paris just flew to the top of the list.

I’ve only been there once, and it was in the dead of winter.  I brought my warmest coat, but being from California, I clearly had no idea what to expect.  It was bone chillingly cold – the coldest wind you can imagine!  Dark gray skies… very moody.  At the time, I was backpacking through Europe with my best friend Kira, and despite our strict budget, we ended up ducking into lot’s of overpriced cafe’s to warm up.

Our trip through Paris is actually pretty laughable, but it’s another story for another time.

Now, to start work on a new vision for our bedroom!

City of Love

Why I have been obsessed with Paris lately is sort of beyond me – I think it’s a sign since I keep running into it everywhere!

Today I found this fabulous photographer on Etsy who has taken some absolutely stunning shots of the city in all it’s magnificence.  I especially love her heart series, where her lens captures light in the form of tiny hearts – so adorable.

I am ordering these for my office ASAP, and perhaps a second set for our bedroom!  How sweet it is…

Check out the rest of her fabulous gallery here!  I swear, you will get lost in these dreamy photos!!