My absolute FAVORITE part about moving is the decorating part.  I swear, in another life, I was an interior designer because I am OBSESSED with design magazines, blogs, etc. My favorite part of every month is when my Home Beautiful arrives… a good glass of wine, and some cozy sweatpants and I’m set! 
As I wrote earlier, Kris and I have opposing tastes in design (he modern, me classic), so I’m on the hunt of furniture that will make us both happy.  I’ve been keeping an inspiration book as I scour the internet for pieces I like, to help “show” him what I think is a solid compromise.
Macy’s is having this fabulous sale right now – free shipping and 15% off any “Home” order.  I was browsing through (because that is just a phenomenal deal) and came across this adorable chair.  
Reviews say it’s comfy, and claim that with an ottoman it feels like you are in a recliner.  Not sure I buy all that, but it has clean lines, beautiful fabric, and does look pretty cushy.  There are several room lay-outs we are considering, but it is just really going to depend on how we feel when we move in.  If we keep my loveseat, and buy a larger sofa to go along the full wall of windows (GORG) then this chair would be perfect – if we opt to downsize and do a sofa and single chair, I think I will have to find something bigger, fluffier, and more sink-into-it good.

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