Gift Wrap IS an Art!

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been spending quite a bit of time wrapping presents…  I’m not the most skilled wrapping expert, so a huge high-five to the internet for providing such a wealth of information around perfectly creased paper, and an array of bow tying tactics.

In an article aggregated by one of my favorite bloggers Joanna Goddard (of Cup of Jo), explains one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to tie a bow – step by step!  Worth the extra 2 minutes it takes – trust me!

Click here to be a fellow bow tying expert…

Also, OhHappyDay has published several fun articles with styling tips and where to buy guides for each – ingenious!!

Wrapping Guide #1
Wrapping Guide #2

More real life gift wrap photos to follow with a few of my own masterpieces!

Image courtesy of

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