New Decorating Obcession: Topiaries

My mom has a rule – for every arrangement involving fake or dried flowers, you HAVE to have at least two fresh arrangements.  While this is her rule, and not a universal rule, I think it’s a good one to go by.  Have you ever been to one of those discount craft / decor stores – Michaels, or Home Goods – and thought, “wow, they have some nice stuff in here but it seems kind of tacky”?  Well… its all the fake flowers and fake plants… trust me on this one… I’ve spent some time thinking about it.

That said, keeping fresh flowers on hand can really add up – while you can pick up a bouquet at the store for $10 – $15, they will be dead by the end of the week, so that is a minimum of $40 – $60 per month on flowers.  To some, this might be pocket change, but for me, this adds up to drinks with a good friend, a new pair of shoes, or my annual subscription of UsWeekly.

This brings us back to seeking simple, inexpensive solutions for a fresh look in your home.  I’ve found that topiaries are a great option.  They are small, easy to keep up, relatively inexpensive, and look tres chic!  If that’s not enough, they have 10x the lasting power of flowers, and bring a pop of freshness to any room.  Honestly, if you took care of them, they could last years, but let’s say they cost $8 each, and last 4 months… that will cost you $1 a week for two.  Look how amazing they look!

Photo courtesy of Kate’s Place

Photo courtesy of Home Design 2011

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