Tis the Season!

Fa la la lala, la la laa laaaa!

I have been inundated with holiday parties this year and am just plain worn out (poor me, I know)!  Tonight I am heading home from work early to do laundry and clean the apartment, and honestly I could not be more excited!!  Is that insanely sad?  Oh well!

The above picture is from the Salesforce 2011 Christmas party from last Friday night which proved yet again to be the ultimate in over-the-top, fabulous parties.  Each year, they try to out-do themselves for the most outlandish, original ideas, and this year was nothing short of swanky, urban perfection.

There was such a fabulous bar set up with fiber-optic light sculptures, back-lit bars, and ever flowing champagne poured from none other than the most talented performers Cirque du Soile could spare for the evening.  What party wouldn’t be complete without a performance from Hootie and the Blowfish, or endless platters of corn-dogs?!  Overall, a magical evening – so fun!

Enjoy these gorgeous photos from Orange Photography!

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