Happy Thursday!

Gosh, this week is flying by!  Monday was observed as the holiday for New Years Day, so with the four day week, the weekend is almost here!

Not shockingly, my resolution for the new year was to shed the holiday weight that appeared halfway through December, and really work hard to tone up.  We are on day four, and going strong, although I did succumb to a piece of dark chocolate yesterday!  Eeeps!

My “last supper” so-to-say, was a crab feast with Kris on New Years Day.  It was amazing – we devoured two whole crabs, a stick and a half of butter, a whole loaf of fluffy french bread from the bakery (still hot I might add), and a whole bottle of wine.  Needless to say, it was a fabulous last meal to kick off the new diet, and the first night we ate dinner in our newly re-styled dining room!  With the lights down, and the candles going, it was tre-romantic!

Step two of my detox – sweat it out.  Tonight I am going for a run, no matter if its dark and cold.  It’s on!

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