The Apartment is slowly Evolving!

Last night, I toiled with my toolbox for about an hour to mount a curtain rod in our living room.  I don’t have an electric drill, so I manually screwed in the mounts which was a huge undertaking, but SO worth it!  The walls in the old San Francisco apartments are made of lath and plaster, so getting the screw secure in there feels like drilling through concrete!

In the end, my gorgeous creme colored silk curtains are hanging – this is a terrible picture – the lights are washing everything out, but they have made a HUGE difference.  I’ve found that paying the extra dollars for the longest curtains (95″ as opposed to the standard 84″) makes the room look taller and feel bigger.  The floor to ceiling drapes give the room a more “grand” feeling – I love it!

Tonight, I am tackling the full wall of windows – I am trying to decide if I should do two curtains, each framing the entire window, or if I should do four curtains – one on each side of each window.  I am going to have to try a few different things here – I don’t want to make it look like too much, but also want to be sure it looks complete. The apartment is slowly coming together to feel like a home – this weekend, I plan to paint the crown molding a sharp, bright white to contrast with the off white walls and make the detail really pop.  I also want to get the art up on the wall, and possibly take off the kitchen door so we can get more counter space in there!

Soo excited for all my mini home-improvement projects!

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