Living Room Transformation!



The curtains in the living room are up, and what a difference they make!!

For a twenty-something, who works in advertising, and makes a modest salary… this is an incredible way to finish a room.  Yeah, yeah, yeah… I really need a new camera other than my iPhone, so these pictures aren’t great, but it paints the picture. You can see how bare and empty the living room felt sans curtains, and how alive it feels with them.

Honestly, I feel like curtains are like eyebrows – they frame the most important stuff, so if they aren’t there, your face (or the room in this case) just feels weird and empty!  Good analogy right?

Also, I firmly believe that there is nothing more elegant than a good pair of silk curtains, and you really don’t have to shell out a fortune for them.  I got these from Bed Bath & Beyond – not so glamorous, but no one else has to know!  They were $50 per panel for $200 total – pretty good for fully lined, silk curtains.  The rods and hardware is from Ikea of all places – super inexpensive ($10 for the rod, and $5 for the glass finial).  Let’s compare prices:

  • On a Budget: $238 Total
    • Curtains: Bed Bath and Beyond
      • $50 each (four curtains)
    • Rods: Ikea
      • $15 Long (one)
      • $9 Short (two)
    • Finial: Ikea
      • $5 (two ends)
  • Money is No Object: $766 Total
    • Curtains: Pottery Barn
      • $120 each (four curtains)
    • Rods: Pottery Barn (includes finial)
      • $98 Long (one)
      • $90 Short (two)

That is over 3x less money that I can go spend on something else that is more important – like a new sofa, or an amazing tufted headboard for our bedroom – it takes a little more time and hunting to find the deal, but it’s so worth it!

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