Back to the Bay

It’s a rainy Monday morning in San Francisco, and while it’s good to be home, I am so sad that my my escapades in Park City for Sundance are over!  What a whirlwind weekend!!  Despite many many hours of waiting in the airport due to multiple flight delays, it was so fun, and so worth it.
The weekend started sunny and relaxing, I arrived in the early afternoon, and after some lunch and gossip girl talk with my good friend Rebecca, I treated myself to some much needed relaxation at the spa at the Westgate Canyons resort. Not only was it one of the best massages I’ve ever had, but the facilities are absolutely gorgeous – very rustic with stone work and wooden beams, and dark and peaceful – many of the rooms were lit only by candles.
That night was really laid back, since a storm had started brewing, and many of our friends flights were delayed and cancelled.  We had clients coming from Seattle, and since the pacific northwest had been hit all week with a huge storm the Sea-Tac airport was completely shut down.  Bless their hearts, they DROVE five hours to Eugene and caught flights from there.
That night, we ordered Pizza, drank a lot of  a bit of wine, and it was fabulous!  The next morning, we woke up pretty hungover, and had a leisurely breakfast before gearing up and hitting the slopes.  It had snowed all night, and there were several feet of fresh powder waiting for us on the mountain.  The snow was still falling, and it was so pretty.  The gondola ride from the Canyons Resort to the top of the mountain is breathtaking, and so quiet.  The trees were blanketed in soft white snow, and it was so peaceful.  We came back to the room early afternoon because the snow had REALLY started to come down and we were ready for some Après Ski – this pic I quickly snapped from the window.  You can hardly see the buildings across the way!!!
After coming back, the spa was calling to me (again), and so I indulged in some more pampering.  Once cleaned up, the group had met up at the larger condo (the party condo, so it was called all weekend), where a private chef had come to make dinner.  WOW – the food was amazing, and somehow the hotel had brought in several more long tables to accommodate our huge group – there were close to 30 of us!  After dinner and a few drinking games, we headed out into the snow, down into Park City proper, to see and be seen (so to say).  The bars were packed, “being on the list” clearly meant nothing, but through a little sweet talking and a few threats and bribes, we made it into the Bing Lounge on Main Street, where we saw hung out with the entire cast of True Blood, Bruce Willis, Chris Katan (SNL), and Liv Tyler.  Kind of awesome.

The drinks were good (a little too good actually) and the music was pumping.  Drake performed downstairs, and we stayed out until around 4am.  I was quite impressed with myself!  The next morning, no one felt up to hitting the slopes again, so we decided to go tubing.  I’d never done it before, but it was so much fun.  There was a park built with different runs where you essentially use heavy duty inner tubes to fly down the hills – so fun.  I felt like a kid again playing in the snow, wind in my face – the sun was out, and it was the perfect end to a fabulous weekend!
I’ll have to upload the rest of my pictures from my actual camera, but needless to say, its sad to be back at work!

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