Project Design: Apartment Makeover

It’s official, I am tired of living in a half decorated home, where I love some parts, and hate others.  The living room is coming together so slowly, I have resolved to take the first step into completing this room once and for all.  One of the biggest hurdles I have found in terms of getting things done, is getting the approval from my honey-bunny.  I love him to pieces, but the man cannot make a decision and stick with it!

Two weekends ago, I dragged him around town to look at various sofas – from Pottery Barn in the Marina, to the Macy’s Home Store in Union Square.  The look on his face said it all – I’d pay good money to be anywhere but here.

This is why I have taken things into my own hands.  I have a very clear vision of the things I like – I spend many hours scouring other design blogs, reading my Home Beautiful magazines, and browsing through all the new products at my favorite stores.  That said, I have spent some time putting together Inspiration Boards for each room that still needs help.  So far, I’ve come up with one for the living room, and I hope that Kris likes it, because with the green light, I am moving full speed ahead into this project.

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