Interior Design: Bedroom Challenge

So after some number crunching, it’s apparent that the gorgeous bedding from Restoration Hardware is not at all within our price range.  That said, I am looking elsewhere for inspiration that will fit into my original vision for our bedroom.  We are going for something that feels luxurious, clean, and classic.  No frills (that is Kris’ main ask), and since I already ordered this print and this print, we are needing something that won’t clash with that vibrant red (I’m still thinking mainly white).

I am loving the look and feel of the below bed – still simple, but with a more intricate scroll border.

Lake View Residence Bedroom traditional bedroom

I found several inexpensive options that look extremely similar to the above:

  1. Check out the Egyptian Cotton Cable Duvet available at both Sears and the Cassa Decor for $109. 
  2. There is also a very simple duvet set from West Elm, also for $109 for a king (is that the magic number or what?)  
  3. eBay has a lovely duvet with greek key border for $86.  I am not sure how I personally feel about buying bedding off of eBay, but since the seller has great reviews, it could be worth a shot!
  4. Finally another steal from Sears!  It’s definitely pricier than the rest at $320 for the set – I feel like I have to see it in person to validate the considerably higher cost!

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