Frugal Finds – O’verlays

BEST FIND ALL WEEK!!  Who doesn’t love having gorgeous furniture?! Everyone! Who loves to pay thousands to furnish their home?  Crickets…

Danika & Cheryl have created O’verlays – a company dedicated to the easy, graphic customization of furniture… most specifically, Ikea furniture.  Yup… Ikea.  With a little bit of elbow grease, you can whip up some super affordable, super stylish furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, ____________ room – fill in the blank – the possibilities are endless, and just look at how fabulous these pieces look!

Greek Key on Malm via Amanda Carol at Home

2″ Greek Key on Ikea Lack table

 6″x29″ Annes on 6 drawer MALM dresser painted navy

O’livia Pattern on MALM

The Harper pattern dresses up a pair of mirrored armoires

5″x19″ Danika on vintage dresser via Me you and a wiener

 “Natalie” on Coral headboard
I have to add, I am NOT being paid to endorse their product – I just think it’s a seriously awesome idea, and I’m stoked I stumbled upon it!  

‘Who uses it’ you wonder? Well I think anyone who loves a good steal, but it would be a great for a 20 something who is just starting out and can’t afford a ton of designer pieces.  It’s great to dress up a kid’s room, or a guest room that needs some style without a hefty price tag, and its perfect for a person (like me) who easily gets bored with decor and is looking to spice up an entry table, TV stand, or work space.  Also if you want something graphic but aren’t sure you want to commit for years, you don’t have to feel bad, because depending on how you attach the panels, you can remove it in a few years if you are looking for a new look and feel.
What I love best is that Danika & Cheryle actually sell kits that are already cut to fit Ikea furniture.  If you know you are working on the 6 drawer Malm dresser, you don’t even have to measure – you can just search the patterns by the name of the Ikea piece you are looking to make-over, and voila, you are up and running!  What could be easier?!
Last thing (I swear) – they are so awesome that they have been featured by Nate Berkus Show.  Yeah – Oprah’s go to man for home styling… no big deal… 
I know that I’ve got quite a few projects lined up over the next few months – finishing the nightstands and armoire, overhauling the bedroom and finishing the living room, but I’m thinking that in between fabricating some awesome campaign furniture, and sealing the bedroom furniture, I might be able to test out O’verlay’s on a small side table in the living room, or possibly the wine rack in the dining room…
For more info:
Check out their how to videos.  
Visit their Facebook Page 

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