Cocktail Hour – we are bringing it back!

The boomer generation really knew how to live – cocktail hour at 5:00 each day?  Yes please!! Let’s be honest…after a long day at work, I’m dying for a glass of wine, or a strong drink.  In our apartment, the wine bottles are displayed in a wine hutch in the dining room, but the liqueur is hidden out of sight – dark alcohol in the cabinets, clear in the freezer.  Honestly, Grey Goose and Makers Mark have left something to be desired in the packaging department, but few decanters easily bring elegance back to the scene. 

Highstreet Market

If you want to splurge, check out Macys or Bloomingdales for the ever classic Waterford or Lenox.  If you are like me – on a strict budget (thank you honey) – check out Homegoods or Ross for a cut glass version – you could probably score something in the $20 range.  You aren’t going to get that rush of, “wow I own something fancy” when you purchase, but you will get the rush of “wow, I just saved a ton of money for something that looks darn close to crystal.” 
Think a bar cart isn’t really your style?  Think again!  “Retro” is back in a big way – the theme of every wedding I see is “Vintage”.  I am seeing more and more patterns on fabrics, pillows, and wallpaper that I recognize from my grandmother’s house.  Heck, Banana Republic came out with a Mad Men inspired collection this year!

To the core, my taste is classic contemporary, HOWEVER you have to admit that retro inspired pieces always look super interesting and totally cool!   It’s totally out of my comfort zone for decor, but its exciting, and I kind of love it… in my humble opinion, it’s a total compliment to classic OR modern decor.  LOVE!

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