Blog Redesign: New Blog Header

So, I’ve been logging some serious hours re-designing my blog header.  While I loved the greek key’s, I realized that it was so similar to several other blogs that I had seen, and as frustrating as it was to head back to the drawing board… it was a must.

Take a look at the finalized iterations that have gone live on the blog – oh how they have evolved!

Aside from fully overhauling the header, I also went to work on the fonts, colors, and blog backgrounds.  I still loved the burnt coral I had before for the links and titles so that stayed.  I’ve also been harboring an unhealthy obsession for navy, so I’ve decided to keep those bold accents within the right hand navigation menu.  Outside of that, everything changed from the font, to the font sizes, to the template, to the shading, to the width… oye vey!  I picked a dark grey/blue color for the gutters (is that the word for it?) because it reminded me of dusk.  An easy decision, but I needed to find a complimentary color for the header that didn’t clash with all the other colors.  A Grey header felt drab and too matchy-matchy, and burnt umber was overkill… WAY too much orange.  After many MANY versions, I settled on the lovely aqua trellis pattern with a muted navy stripe.

I am happy with it for now.  I think the aqua compliments the coral (aqua and coral… after so much talk about it, I couldn’t resist), and it brightens up the whole page.  A little fading here, a little shadow there, and a little reflection to give it some personality…  Give it another few weeks, and I’m sure that I will have tweaked it some more.  As in life, nothing is ever “perfect” or “finished”… it’s always a work in progress!

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