Rent the Runway

This site has blown up in the past year, and while I have yet to use it, all my friends have been saying FABULOUS things about it forever.  With my twenty-eighth birthday just around the corner, I think this might be the time to test it out.  In short the concept is: pick an occasion where you want to look jaw-droppingly stunning, rent a dress, pay 10% of the full price, no penalty for damages, cleaning, etc.

Not too shabby when they are offering up Zac Posen, Herve Leger, Halston Heratage, Badgley Mischka… you get the idea.  My birthday is just about two weeks away, and so I have some serious decisions to make… I’ve narrowed it down from about 40 options to about 7… not bad.

Variations of Sweet and Flirty:

Sassy Versions of the Carrie Dress
Something a Little Sexier
So each category is pretty different, right?  One is more demure, one screams I’m going to party my way from 27 to 28, and the third is somewhere in the middle.  All the dresses have great reviews, so I am really torn.  Perhaps I should do two?  Oh the woe’s of trying to stick to my “budget”.

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