Little Birds

I have been seeing little birds on everything, and I am loving it!

From little lovebird necklaces, to birds on pillows, wallpaper, art, and clothing – I can’t escape these little guys, and I don’t want to!  I want to find some little birds to bring into my life now too!

This print from made me laugh out loud

This mini bird from shoptalkbuzz is made of repurposed old maps!

Owl photograph - Intelligent Design - Fine art bird photograph - Nature photography - Bird in pale winter ivory white
Still so in love with this crazy owl off Etsy

Cool graphic throw pillow from Etsy
vintage bird pillow
Etsy scores again – this would look fabulous on our bed!

birds on a wire ... just bought these!
Etsy Newspaper Prints – hang these in a series for a dramatic effect

Bird necklace, $24
Etsy wins again with this adorable (and affordable) charm necklace

bird necklace
Etsy birthstone charm necklace

love bird
I love this design for notecards and invitations via ohthelovelythings
Bird love!
Cool brushed bronze mirror
bird lamp

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