San Francisco Bucket List: Day of Pampering in the Wine Country

Since I was little, Napa and the surrounding towns in the wine country have absolutely blown up.  When I was growing up, St. Helena was the halfway point between home and our summer escape in Clear Lake.  We’d always stop at V. Sattui, and lunch on the grass with a picnic of cheese and charcuterie.  Our parents would pop a bottle of rose, and the kids got a treat with a bottle of Martinelli’s.

As opposed to the sleepy little town we visited as kids, the wine country has become a total destination for weekenders and vacationers alike.  Despite the inflated prices and hustle and bustle, I still think it’s one of the most enchanting places I’ve been, and if you do a little searching, you will find some untapped restaurants, wineries, and hotels hidden in the valley.

At the top of my wine country bucket list is the Indian Springs Resort and Spa.  It sounds hoity toity, but the prices for treatments are comparable with what you’ll find anywhere else, and the price to stay there is astoundingly reasonable!

The mineral pool here was built in the early 1900’s, and is heated by local geysers to a toasty 102 degrees in the winter, and a more “refreshing” 92 degrees in the summer.  For $20 per person, you can enjoy the pools (and the off pool steam room), and soak up some sun.  Bring along some champagne and snacks, and make a day of it!

spa mud2
Treat yourself to a massage or mud bath – when in Rome right?  Indian Springs is famous for the pure volcanic ash mud bath and for $85, who can resist!  Massages are $125 for a full session, and facials start at $140.

Afterwards, sit out by the reflective pond for some quiet time to reflect or just mellow out.

For as little as $195/night, you can rent a cottage on the property – how sweet, and what a fabulous idea for a bachelorette party or big birthday.

My sister is turning 30, so maybe I’ll surprise her with a fun sister’s getaway here…

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