Guest Post: Bedroom Inspiration

Hello readers. This is a guest post written by the masterminds behind Design Shuffle.  Their site is a fabulous tool for interior designers (and wannabe interior designers like me), and I am so thrilled that they agreed to write a guest post for Cup Half Full.   Enjoy!  XOXO
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Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here from Design Shuffle, a social networking site for interior designers and design enthusiasts. With thousands of photos to look through, this website is a fabulous place to find interior décor inspiration! As a writer for Design Shuffle, I’m so fortunate to get to visit lovely blogs like Cup Half Full to share some of my favorite rooms. Today’s guest post is about decorating ideas for bedrooms.

Becky is in search of furnishings for her dream bedroom – one that will also work well for her significant other. That’s exactly the challenge that faces many of us as we aim to create inviting and comfortable homes for our families. I hope you will enjoy the eight inspiration rooms I’ve brought to share with Becky and you today.

Bedroom Inspiration
Black and white stripes and brilliant green accessories bring this room to life. Since Becky’s pieces of artwork have a lot of red in them, these pops of green could be changed to that deep color for an appealing look.

Bedroom Inspiration
A deeply tufted headboard is stunning even when glimpsed from another room. White bedding like this can be brightened up with just a touch or two of color. A gorgeous Juju hat with creamy feathers seems to be the perfect understated accessory for this space.

Bedroom Inspiration

A monogrammed pillow is a lovely addition to this comfy bed. I love the clear glass lamps and tufted white bench with nailhead trim.

Bedroom Inspiration
In a more casual eclectic bedroom, the decorative accessories are all done in black and white. The huge artwork turned headboard seems to be an exploded piece of lace—an intriguing creative choice.

Bedroom Inspiration
Another white bedroom design is accented in black. Venetian mirrors add a touch of glamour. White painted chairs with black upholstery are an unexpected, but lovely choice.

Bedroom Inspiration
This dramatic bedroom has an upholstered footboard as well as headboard. The bedding is similar to Becky’s chosen design. I love the white drapes with an intricate black pattern at the top and bottom of each panel.

Bedroom Inspiration
We included this image because of the slim lamps, graphic black and white pillow and choice of landscape print as artwork.

Bedroom Inspiration
This lovely interior design takes on a happy chic feel with pops of rich color and a slightly restrained use of zebra pattern on the stools. Happy bedroom décor hunting! I wish you splendid success.

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The possibilities with bedroom designs are unlimited! If you’re looking for more inspiration, don’t forget to head on over to Design Shuffle to find the best from Boston interior designers, Chicago interior designers and a ton of others!

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