Home Decor – Living Room Inspiration

I made some headway last weekend sprucing up the apartment – hanging our gorgeous new piece of art, and revamping my sunburst mirror – however, this week, everything has fallen apart.  I have been so busy with work, and travel, and the HUNGER GAMES (we can get to that later) that everything is a mess. Clothes are all over the place, hamper overflowing, dishes in the sink, and dead flowers galore.  One step forward, two steps back.

I am determined to clean everything from top to bottom, and then I am moving forward with some more small details.  I have a few small projects in the works (one involving sea fans that I am rather excited for) but I am also looking into ordering some new pillow covers off Etsy.
Remember the living room inspiration?
Well I am moving forward on the pillows now.  As it stands, we are working with a total mishmash of whatever came with me from my last apartment.  This leaves us with several sad pillows that are well used (little frays here and there) and there is zero continuity between why they are all together.  I want to stick in the same color palate as I originally designed – browns, aqua, blue, tan, grey, and some yellow
Pair of Ikat decorative pillow covers, spa teal blue, brown and grey, throw pillows
Custom Listing for Riley
Yellow, gray and ivory floral ikat pattern decorative pillow covers, throw pillows
Decorative pillows, Pair of Multi-color gold, yellow, gray  floral medallion decorative pillow covers
ONE Suzani Powder Blue Pillow Decorative Pillow Cover Tapue/Aqua 18 X 18 Inch
Decorative Pillow Cover - Floral Pillow in Gray, Green and Taupe - Accent Pillow - Throw Pillow - Pillow Cover
Decorative Pillow Cushion Cover - Accent Pillow - Throw Pillow - Dwell - Vintage Blossom Azure, Teal, Branch - 20 x 20 inch
That said, I also still find myself to fabrics with pops of color.  Would it end up being to matchy matchy without some other color variations?  Will this end up looking like a sore thumb or afterthought?  That is the problem with Etsy – because most of these shops are a single person running a side business, there are no returns no a lot of it… what do you think?  Are these too much?  Should I stick with the original plan?
Pillow Cover - Decorative Pillow - Throw Pillow - Sofa Pillow - Kravet - 17x17 in - Yellow - Red - Blue - Taupe
Pillow Cover - Throw Pillow - Sofa Pillow - Decorative Pillow - Suzani - On BOTH SIDES  - 20x20 in - Sage Blue - Red - Yellow - Brown
Pillow Cover - Deocrative Pillow - Throw Pillow - Sofa Pillow - Kravet - Ikat - Suzani - BOTH SIDES - 20x20 in - Linen - Pumpkin - Taupe
Pillow Cover - Decorative Pillow - Throw Pillow - Toss Pillow - Ikat - Chartreuse - Both Sides - 17x17 inch
So many options, so little time!  

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