Rustic Wine Country Wedding

I stumbled upon this beauty of a wedding, and have completely fallen in love with the natural beauty of this event.  From the lush landscape of leafy trees and vineyards, to the rows upon rows of bistro lights strung above the tables.
My favorite parts:
  – Her dress.  Oh my gosh, those ruffles!
  – The Chairs.  Such a small detail, but the wooden chairs reminiscent of a turn of the century school 
     house bring such charm!!
  – The Lighting.  The lights strung in the trees create such a whimsical event space.  They make such a 
     large outdoor space feel cozy, and capture the magic you’d want to feel on your wedding day
  – The flowers.  A simple combination of white and green, they are loosely gathered into vases to avoid 
     being  fussy.  There is a lot of natural greenery used in addition to the lilies and hydrangeas, which is 
     unique, and compliments the venue, as opposed to taking away from the natural beauty of the space.
  – The Stage.  Looks like such a fun reception – set for a live band and dancing till dawn


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