Happy Monday!

I’ve been a bit MIA recently, but am so glad to be back! 
Last week was rainy and dreary, and with all the storms, Kris and I were feeling cooped up by Sunday.  Luckily, the sun was out, so we headed out to the coast.  
The ocean was really churned up from the storms, and the waves were HUGE!  We hiked out to Mavericks Surf in Half Moon Bay, to watch the surfers brave the monster waves.  The waves were close to 60 feet, and they had guys on jet skis towing the surfers into the waves.  So crazy!  Kris hiked to the top of the hill to watch, but I was feeling lazy so I settled myself on some huge flat rocks and soaked up the sun.
We headed over to the Half Moon Bay brewery afterwards, and with the fire pits and heat lamps going, it was just warm enough to sit outside.  All the beers are brewed all the distillery behind the restaurant – I’m not a huge beer drinker, but with the sun shining, and my toes toasty warm by the fire, I was more than happy to enjoy few beers, a crab sandwich, and a huge plate of nachos.
Here are a few pics from yesterday – such a fun day, and such a perfect end to the weekend!

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