Pink Ombre Cake

My best friend Kira just celebrated her birthday, and to make it extra “sweet” I decided to bake her a cake.  I am somewhat known for my baking skills in our little group of friends, however, I decided to step things up a bit and test out a fabulous ombre cake I originally saw on Pinterest!!

Glory of Glorious Treats has a fabulous tutorial to making this pink confection, and I was up quite late on Sunday evening baking my heart out.  Unfortunately, I did not realize I had left my pastry bag and tips at my old apartment, and so alas, the outside of the cake does not also have the ombre frosting rosettes.  I’m not even going to lie – the outside of the cake is pretty sad looking, but it’s what is inside that counts.  I tried to cover up the ugly frosting job with coconut shavings.  That was minimally successful to say the least.  Oh well, the real surprise is inside.  Fingers crossed it turns out!  I only wish I had thought to document the process because it was really quite an ordeal.  Take a look at the how-to here.

When researching, I also came across this post on I am Baker.  A totally different variation of layered cakes, but I am just loving the larger roses frosting the top and sides.  It’s a bit more elegant, and dare I say it, maybe a tad easier to make two different kinds of cake (vanilla and chocolate) than mixing a single batter, dividing it by four or five bowls, and mixing gradient colors in each.

My dad’s 60th birthday is coming up as I mentioned… maybe that is the perfect occasion to test this out!  Frosting rosettes and all!



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