Pretty Little Things

ornate vanity tray
So today I want to talk about thoughtful storage and pretty displays.  In a teeny tiny apartment, we don’t have the luxury of a lot of storage, so I’m always looking for pretty ways to display the things we can’t hide.  Not only am I a girl, but I’m a girly girl, so that means I come with a lot of stuff.

In an attempt to streamline our hallway closet, I’ve decided to pull out my prettier products for display, which will free up more space for the practical things I don’t really want out in the open – toilet paper, laundry detergent, and the economy size bottle of Aloe Vera that Kris insisted we purchase because it was a “better value”.  Boys!

Anyway, I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty vanity tray to display my perfumes, jewelry, and lotions.  I want to be sure it is large enough to contain the clutter, and I am looking for something with sweet decorative details to accent the room.  The lovely antique vanity tray (like the above) was my inspiration, but as you can imagine, they are hard to come by without sacrificing a whole paycheck, so I took to Pinterest to seek out some alternative solutions that are just as pretty!

Take a look!

Pick up a weathered picture frame:
Cute idea! (Re-purpose an old frame as a vanity tray. Place a piece of colored paper or fabric inside as a finishing touch.)
You can use fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, drawer liners, etc to accent the frame (pink paper above), and give a little character to your new “tray”.

Use an antique looking mirror:
Vanity Tray
For a SUPER affordable alternative: the Ung Drill mirror from Ikea has a similar look – paint it white and then lightly sand or rub on a bronzing treatment for that aged look.

Repurpose an antique tea tray: 
Vanity Tray Displays
Think about using different words in your Craigslist search, since items with the right look could have had a different function in another life.

Look for modern alternatives:
seagrass vanity with tray
If antique isn’t your thing, this breakfast tray does the trick!  Target has some similar options, and the high sides will let you stack even more in there – bangles won’t clatter out!

Give a second life to an old serving tray:
perfect perfume tray.
This is so similar to a serving tray my mom has!  Perhaps once used to serve Turkey at Thanksgiving, it’s nothing a bit of silver polish can take care of!

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