First Position

Oooo emmmmm geeeeee!!!

I have been in love with ballet for as long as I can remember.  My favorite field trip in school was to see the Christmas production of The Nutcracker – to this day, my best friend and I still go every year to see it at the holidays.  I just think that of all the types of dance, it is by far the most beautiful.

While I wish I could get on pointe, and pirouette my way across a stage, it’s probably a good thing that my mom didn’t enroll my sister or I in ballet classes beyond the “leap gracefully over the feather” level.  My low tolerance for pain and love of food would have been a huge problem.

Anyways, there have been pretty much zero good ballet movies since Center Stage (and even some people might argue with me that it wasn’t that great of a movie).  That is why I am SO excited for the release of First Position – a documentary that follows six young dancers as they compete in one of the largest and most prestigeous world wide dance competitions.

Watch the trailor – goosebumps!!

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