Yellow Polka-dot Bikini – Fashion Inspiration

It was an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini, that she wore for the first time today… 
I’m pretty sure that ever since that song was released, the sweetly-sexy yellow bikini has been in production around the clock.  Taking inspiration from the spring and summer runways, along with the every traditional retro bikini cuts, I’ve been on the hunt for an itsy bitsy bikini of my own.  
Apparently Victoria’s Secret got the memo!!  Whether it has a ruffled bottom or a truly itsy-bitsy triangle top, I am facing a very difficult decision narrowing down between these teeny bikinis!
yellow polka dot bikini!
I am loving the retro vibe from this sweetheart halter, and the mix of stripes and dots is so cute!  The removable strap for tanning is also a little TOO convenient!
The yellow polka-dot bikini gets an update here with neon yellow ruffles and string ties and gold polka dots – a sassy statement for any beach or pool!
Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
A true classic – the tie on the top gives this bikini a nautical feel, and what girl doesn’t want a little push up padding to help things along??
The ruffled edges on this little number would work well to enhance a small bust, however I’m not loving the sea foam green ties on the bottoms… nothing a little snip of the scissors can’t fix!
yellow polka dot bikini (:
With a thick halter strap, and a thick band below the bust, this bikini will stay where you put it – perfect for a little vollyball on the beach – just be sure to double knot those bottoms!

1 thought on “Yellow Polka-dot Bikini – Fashion Inspiration

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