Living Room Updates

Time for a few updates on our living room!

As I mentioned here, I pulled the trigger on a grey trellis rug that I’d been eyeing for months.  I originally thought it was back-ordered until May, but when it arrived early, I was thrilled!  It REALLY brings some life to the room… I think I’m in love.

I literally scoured my hard-drive for some good “before” pictures, and was shocked that it was so hard to find any!  In advance, excuse the poor quality, weird light, etc.  P.S. don’t mind that the edge of the rug is rolled up in this picture – I had JUST layed it out, and since then it’s flattened out 🙂


I still love the sea-foam colored Persian rug that was in there before, but with strong sunlight from the floor to ceiling windows, and the very neutral colors, the room was feeling very washed out.  The old rug is going to be making a new home in our bedroom, while the grey trellis is here to stay.


A few other small changes – the tall $15 lamp from Target moved across the room (you can see it in the first “before” next to my beloved wicker chair) – we both hate this lamp but it’s here for the meantime.  There are other things on my loooonnnggggg list of “wants”, so it will have to wait.  

The small glass top table moved in between the desk and the wicker chair, and the lamp is actually a total re-purpose.  Remember those tall candlestick lamps from the bedroom post here??  Well a new lampshade later, this little guy is looking much better!  This table was a steal from Craigslist that I bought when I first moved to San Francisco.  It’s not really our taste, but replacing it is not a top priority.

I also won a small battle, and finally got rid of Kris’ HIDEOUS filing cabinet.  The paperwork has been temporarily moved into the black and white chevron print file box under the table next to the TV.
Next up on my grand list?? Replacing all the mismatched pillows with new covers.  They are so shabby, so I am going to have to make some tough decisions.  I want them to have both color and pattern, but nothing too wild.
Also, after looking through these pictures, I notice that we’ve got cords EVERYWHERE.  Must fix that with some strategic taping, and anchors along the walls!!
I love coming home now to my freshened living room, but it is by no means “finished.”  I find myself picking it apart when looking at these photos, and there are still SO MANY things I want to change.  I want to replace both couches, get two lovely Chippendale’s to define the sitting area (remember this post??) Replace the wicker chair with a big comfy overstuffed chair, swap out the wrought iron side table next to the desk, update the art on the wall over the black sofa (maybe a gallery wall here?), and the mirror in the entry needs to find a new home – I’d love to put some shallow shelves up there, but it is what it is.
Anyways, despite my never-ending laundry list of things I want, I always remind myself, I’m only 28, I have years to accumulate pieces I love, and right now I am very happy with the mini updates I’ve made.

2 thoughts on “Living Room Updates

  1. Hiiiiii
    Thanks again for the wonderful blog post, it was so perfect!
    I can't believe the transformation in the room with your new rug, I LOVE IT!
    Hope you had a wonderful week!
    xo K


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