Heaven is… White on White on White

While I am totally obsessed with color and patterns, there is something SO appealing about interior design that revolves around white.  What I’ve noticed??  The key to pulling this off is to start out with impeccable architecture.  A blah room with uneven drywall, low ceilings, dim lighting, and little architectural charm is not the ideal spot to experiment with white on white.  The absence of color draws attention to imperfections, so if you are working with a room that doesn’t inspire awe when empty, steer clear of this look!

bright entryway with dark contrast details
Oh, this entry way is the stuff dreams are made of… the dark wood details with the railings, table, and pendant light fixture make the white pop even more.  I also love that the accessories are kept to a bare minimum so the focus is on the room.  A small upholstered bench, a faded runner, and a loose bunch of wildflowers is all you need.  So lovely!
White room
Such a cool sitting area.  Formal?  Yes.  Stuffy? No.  The fuzzy rug and simple accessories make this room inviting, while the slip-covered chairs, and cherub statue (yep… it’s a cherub up there) dress things up.  I also love the contrast between the cherub (old school) and the chunky dark wood mirrors (modern all the way).
Obsessed with White
Dreamy, feminine, farmhouse.  All words that come to mind when I see this room – the natural wood floors, and the chippy cabinet for storage scream shabby chic, while the claw footed bathtub and ornate chandelier lend lady-like elegance. Soo pretty!
White room, white frames
White goes mod!  This hallway is a bit too sterile for my taste, but I still LOVE this hallway.  The frames on the wall don’t actually frame any art, but their monochrome color scheme, ornate details, and grouping make the wall the art.  I wonder though… who sits in that chair?!
white room
Ok, this is certainly not child friendly… maybe not even man friendly (I’m envisioning spaghetti sauce stains, and greasy pizza fingers), but the all white couches and white rug look so clean and pretty!  I am 99% sure that that stick horse is just there for show.
White Living Room
Hello Hamptons!  The shell artwork, model sailboat, and swordfish pillow bring in a few beachy touches to this all white abode.  I imagine looking out at the sea, and opening the windows to let fresh ocean breezes blow through the house.
White living room.
I love the high peaked ceiling in this room, and the beams keep it architecturally interesting.  The slatted walls remind me of an old farmhouse, and simple accessories and natural fiber and wood touches make this room instantly inviting.  

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