DIY Headboard Inspiration

I’ve recently been struggling with the idea of buying a new headboard for our bedroom.  Being completely honest, the headboards I like are WAY outside of my price range, and I just cannot justify spending upwards of $500 for a quality tufted headboard.

Last night, I stumbled across an amazing Pinterest find: 34 DIY Headboard Ideas.  Um, hello, where have you been for the last several months?!
While I am still toying with the idea of making my own tufted headboard, some of these ideas are so cool, it’s really given me some different ideas that are outside of my comfort zone.
First up – Laser cut metal roofing!  Who’d have thunk?  Somehow it has a glamorous feel, despite using the most un-sexy of materials.  Pretty sure Kris would say no, but it’s so creative, I kind of love it!
Talk about getting a bang for your buck – this headboard is just a decal on a bold colored wall – you could easily stencil it on with paint as an alternative, but it’s dramatic, and EXTREMELY cost effective.  Perhaps not my taste, but this would be so fun in a teenager’s room.  16 year old me would have gone wild for this!
A similar idea to the last headboard, this one here uses chalkboard paint so you can have fun with it.  Again, not quite what I had in mind, but such a cool idea!
Take some reclaimed wooden boards, cut to size, nail gun to wall.  Easy, cheap, and very shabby chic.  Where I will find reclaimed wood lying around in SF, I do not know… I also don’t think I’d want that anywhere near my bed if I found it on the street here, but that’s a whole separate issue.
A huge piece of art has taken over this next bed – very chic & very minimalist while being very dramatic.  I love how this looks, but it’s a bit stark for my taste.
Why have I never thought of this before?!  Use a folding screen as a large dramatic headboard.  I recently saw one at Cost Plus for less than $200 – it was natural colored linen with nail head trim… may need to go back and swoop that up!!
Ok, I want to live here!  Look at those amazing old doors propped up behind the bed – amazing.  And that chandelier?!  WOW
Anyway, check out the rest of the article for more unique DIY headboards!

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