Happy (belated) Cinco de Mayo

Oh Monday!  Here again so soon?!

After a really awesome weekend visiting my sister, I’ve got a bit of the Monday blues.  Especially when it’s so warm outside and I’m stuck inside!   How easily I could go back to riding bikes around town, wine tasting, and sipping a few margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo – a Mexican “holiday” that only American’s celebrate.  Gotta love that!

Sacramento is one of my favorite cities, because it’s so un-city like.  Everyone is so nice, no one is in a rush to get anywhere – it’s all about local establishments, and unique spots.  Of course, once you get outside of the city proper, it’s all about Walmart, outlet shopping, and I kid you not, there is an Applebees on every corner.

Getting out of the city is such a treat, My sister and her husband have a tandem bike, along with my mom’s 3-speed.  I hopped on the back of the tandem with my brother-in-law, and while it was scary at first, it’s so fun!  Since the person in the back has no control over breaking, turning, etc, you just have to petal, and take in the sights.  I wish San Francisco had fewer hills – I’d love to toodle around town on a bike!

Anyway, a little Cinco de Mayo Margarita inspiration – thinking of making one of these bad boys in about 15 minutes or so.  It’s that or head to the gym, which I just don’t see happening 🙂

The Ultimate Spicy Margarita:
Begin by adding ice into a pint glass; pour in an ounce and a half of good tequila.  Add an ounce of Grand Marnier, along with an ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice.  Drop in a thin slice or two of jalapeno, and a dash of chili powder.  Finish with a tablespoon of simple syrup (can substitute agave nectar if you have it), stir it up, and enjoy!  This cocktail can also be strained if you are feeling fancy!!

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