Sunburst Mirror Update

Remember this post when I used a little paint to transform a cheapo sunburst mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond into something much cooler?  Well it’s only taken me two months or so to actually hang it (oh the shame), but there it is!  It’s made a home in our hallway that after looking at these pictures could quite frankly use a bit of sprucing.

After several years of service, the once life-like silk hydrangias are looking a bit sad.  I’d like to replace them with something a bit fresher.  This little hallway table is where all the stuff that doesn’t have a home goes.  The candles need to be downsized and stored, (but on the plus side, we are totally prepared for a power-outage) and I’d really like to find a new runner for this spot – something with a bit more contrast and color.  It’s hard to see from these photos, but its dark, and brown, and it served its purpose for many years, but it’s ready for retirement.

Here is a view of the hallway from the dining room.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could paint the storage cabinet in the hallway with a fun pop of color?  A light Kelly green would really wake things up, or even a darker version of the wall color in the dining room for continuity.  I used Benjamin Moore’s Opal Essence (look here for a photograph that really showcases this color).

For more intense versions of the dining room’s blue, I really like Kelley Moore’s Fair Farmington, Sherwin Williams’ Eerie Island, and Behr’s Gazebo.  All of them are very pretty blues with a little aqua and grey.  If it weren’t so permanent, that cabinet would be painted in a nano second.

Unfortunately for me, I’ll already be repainting the dining room when we move out – no fun!

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