Happy Weekend!

Despite the fact that it is Memorial Day weekend, the weather is far from warm.  It is snowing in the mountains, raining in the valley, and windy as heck on the coast!!

Since I had the day off yesterday, I spent the day with my mom.  My new birthday ritual – instead of asking for a present – is to ask for a day of shopping with my mom.  I really just love the alone time.  It’s sort of been a ritual since high school when we’d go shopping for homecoming or prom dresses.  We  try on dress after dress, and get lunch from this cute bakery.  This year I was very decisive – a trait very un-like me.  After quite a few “no’s” I found a yes, and I didn’t feel like I needed to try on much else.  Sold!  My new dress (to be worn at a wedding later this summer) is very Betty Draper – white sleeveless boatneck, with a full inverted pleat skirt, with a rose pattern on it.  Lots of peaches, tomato reds, and greens – so summery.  I’m in love.

Today I am heading out for a little wine tasting with my best friend Kira.  Unfortunately for us, rain is in the forecast which makes Napa so much less fun, but that’s the way the mop flops, eh?

Hope you all have a lovely, safe, and dry weekend!

By the way, aren’t my peonies so beautiful?  $6 at Trader Joes!!  Get em while they’re hot I tell you – they will probably only be available for another few weeks!

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