The House

Doesn’t this look so good?  We had lunch today at a restaurant called The House.  Located in Northbeach, you’d never notice this un-pretentious restaurant, but the food is phenomenal, and the prices are totally reasonable.  I’d describe it as asian fusion – there is a ton of seafood on the menu – all super fresh, and they use really interesting flavor combinations.  So amazing.  HIGHLY recommend!!

Anyways, I have been totally MIA this week – so busy with work!  (why do the short work weeks always feel the longest)?!  I am so looking forward to the weekend already – some warm weather, and a little field trip to the south bay for my best friend’s gender reveal party.  Have you heard of this new phenomenon?  Pregnant women throwing parties to reveal if they are having a boy or girl?
I hadn’t heard of it, but I am so excited to see her, rub her belly, and catch up.

Happy Thursday!

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