Mirror Love & a Bedroom Makeover

I love a good mirror, and I’m a firm believer that there should be one in every room.  Not only is it nice to not have to trek to the bathroom to check your hair or outfit before leaving the house, but mirrors reflect light, open up a room, and make everything feel bigger and brighter than normal.  Whether it’s a big picture frame mirror, a delicate scrolled mirror, a sunburst mirror, or a convex mirror… I love them all!

Is anyone else LOVING those porthole mirrors like I am?  Look at a few more close-ups… So cool!!
I am pretty sure this room is going to be the inspiration for our bedroom re-design.  The chandelier is perfection, silk drapes are always my number one choice, and that upholstered nail-head trim headboard?!  I am dying a little inside…

I absolutely love the look of the convex mirrors lined up above the bed.  We have the trio of quatrefoil mirrors above our bed in the meantime (remember how hard I looked for those??)  Well, despite all the work it took to hunt those bad boys down, I am thinking of  something smaller to go above the bed when we get our new bed and headboard! (no, Kris does not yet know about the new headboard, hee hee hee…)  

Not to worry, the quatrefoil mirrors will find a home elsewhere in the apartment, but I am looking forward to updating the bedroom – you have no idea!  Don’t you love this bedding?  I saw a few similar rooms and just love the smoky paisley.  Take a look at this similar and equally awesome smoky paisley print bed… sooo pretty!  I also love the zebra paired with it!  Are you as in love with this look as I am right now?

We could also do a grand starburst mirror like this one… with the beveled edges, it brings a lot of glamour to the look.  Unfortunately, I’ll just have to admire that detailed crown molding from afar – we’ve got crown molding, but nothing like that!

Here is another in a dining room – the more I see them, the more I love them!

So much to think about…

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