Mums: Hate or Love?

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It’s funny – everyone has a type of flower that they absolutely despise.  For me it’s carnations, which is why it’s so funny that Kris came home with a big bunch of pink carnations the other week… it was pretty cute to see him walk through the door all proud that he was being such a sweet thoughtful boyfriend, but I still just hate carnations.  Poor guy.

For my mom, it’s mums.  They remind her of funeral flowers, but she thinks carnations are sort of pretty.  I, on the other hand, have no real problem with mums.  They may not be my favorite flower in the world, but since I like to keep fresh flowers around the house, they fit the bill for so many reasons.
     – They are cheap (hellz to the yeah)
     – They last forever (amen sister)
     – They just have a happy sweet look – like the Daisy’s fluffier cousin

Yesterday, I picked up two big bunches at the market for $4, and split them up into a few bouquets.  I think the trick to making these dirt cheap flowers look less like a filler flower, and more like the main attraction, is to cut them down, and arrange them in short, tight bouquets.  The one above is sitting on the side table in the living room, and with their lasting power, this will probably still be there for another several weeks.  Can’t beat that!!

Right now, the center of each flower has a pretty lime green tint, but the ones that are more open are nearly pure white.  My mom still hates them, but I am kind of loving them!

Am I nuts?

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